My Name is Tina Thornton. I’m 28 years old and Live In New Brunswick Canada. I’m a Couponing Mother of 2 and have been married to my husband Josh for 6 years. I babysit out of my home for a few family’s and enjoy being able to stay home with my children as my husband works long hours.

I’m a happy easy going person who love to laugh and make others happy also. I started Couponing about a year ago but have loved getting free things in the mail since I was a child. I remember my first freebie in the mail as a child was a little car that came with my grandmother’s readers digest and oh I how I loved that car and the fact it was free was even better. I guess my love for free things started there at the age of 8.

I started coupon in 2011 and was hooked! On my first mini shopping trip I got 1 bottle of axe, 2 bottles of aspirin, dissolve and dippity do for $4.50. I had such a rush coming out of Walmart and thew there was more couponing trips to come.

I Started my own freebie group on facebook in October 2011 (we love free stuff in Canada). At first it was to teach friends and family how to coupon, then it became for New Brunswick and by late November I had close to 500 members from all over Canada. In April 2012 I started a trading group and with over 200 members of wonderful people to love to coupon, help others, and save money.