All Human`s Make Mistakes Including Coupon Bloggers!!!

2b8f9ce2df3ba62c1a25d185aee7691cMost of you know that all Human beings make mistakes, even us Coupon Bloggers.  I know including Myself. Its a natural thing all of us to do, there is only one person or a high being that is perfect and flawless.

Last night I saw a post on a Coupon Bloggers Fan page that really disturbed me but it wasn’t the post that was upsetting. It was the comments that were being posted by Fans were very angry by the words they used. The Coupon blogger is known well and I feel she didn’t deserve it at all.

The past few weeks I have noticed a lot of members of Blog Pages and Other Bloggers talking down on other Bloggers that post the wrong info or post a link that doesn’t work, feeling the need they have to “be the best”.

Some of us bloggers sometimes post things that members do not like and this creates big drama that is not called for. If you have a problem with something a Blogger is posting the best way to communicate with them is to private Message them and express your feelings about the situation to them.

I Myself make Mistakes all the time but I`m lucky to have a great group of Fans and rarely get called out for it or bad mouthed for doing so. I want to thank all of you for being so understanding and patient with me as everyday I`m learning more and more and finding new ways to make it easier and more enjoyable to be part of my page to find ways for you all to save money and have a over flowing mailbox.

So please Next time you find something on any bloggers site that you find unpleasing please message them privately to voice your concern And I know they will do what they can to make the situation better.

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  1. The Ripple Effect Of Kindness

    This is a well written article! Its amazing to see others put so much time and effort into helping others save money and the “followers” so quickly and ignorantly jump on the opportunity to make them look or feel bad. A little gratitude and respect goes a far way!

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