AND THE WINNER IS………………………………………………………………………TAMMY BURKE!!!!!

Congrats Tammy Burke you are the winner of this amazing glass tea set please inbox me your address  CONGRATS XOXO

Glassware-1I would Like to Thank Alokozay Tea for the Chance for me to Giveaway away one of theseBeautiful glass tea set to one of my Fans.

Here is a Bit of Information About their Product: Alokozay Tea produces the purest & finest tea products that make up a variety of black teas, green teas, flavoured teas and herbal infusions. Each one is distinct in taste and unique in aroma, with flavours that cannot be replicated. Uncompromising in our approach to quality, we only use the top leaves of the tea plant. These are the youngest, tender and most flavorful leaves that produce the best, highest-quality cup of tea. What gives a unique appeal to the brand is a special tea from Ceylon (Sri Lanka), exclusively sourced and packaged by Alokozay Tea. The top tea plantations in tea growing nations such as India, Kenya, Vietnam & China have also been our regular sources of excellent quality teas for years.

Here Are the Instructions For Entering this Giveaway:

1)Like NB Coupon Clipper Fan Page(that`s me)

2)Head over to Alokozay Tea Canada and LIKE their Page.

3) Enter to WIN BY Commenting  below this Post Here on the website why you would like to Win this Amazing Glass Tea Set.

4)Share share share!!!!!!

GIVEAWAY ENDS Friday. March.1,2013

190 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS………………………………………………………………………TAMMY BURKE!!!!!

  1. Anna Key

    I would love to win it because its totally classy! Right now we only have ‘single’ (spinster) mugs and glasses so this would bring our get togethers to a *whole nother level*

    Thank you Tina and Alokozay for the awesome giveaway!

  2. Colleen Natarelli

    Today marks 32 days since I gave up cigarettes. Since then I have been drinking a wide variety of different teas and would love to win the wooden tea chest filled with teas. What a reward that would be for me!!

  3. Eva phillip

    Love both pages…thanks so much for this fab giveaway…I am British living in Canada now and to say me and my kids love a good cuppa tea is an understatement..this would be wonderful..thanks for the chance..

  4. Andrea

    already like you, already like alokozay tea. I would LOVE to win because I have never tried alokozay tea and have heard awesome things about it and I’m a huge tea fan but with little budget to splurge right now! thanks for the chance.

  5. Christine Nickerson

    I would love this beautiful unique tea set as I currently do not have anything but $1.00 store mugs. I’d love to use this with my family.
    Thank you so very much for this giveaway! :)

  6. Maggie C

    Love to win the glass tea set because it is perfect to make lavender ice tea!! I just learned how to make it and it is the perfect drink….and need a set of glasses to serve to my family/friends!

  7. tammy jeffery

    Hubby and I have tea every night. Would love to win this set to make it more special. Our quiet time. Then share it with family and friends. Our Alokozay tea would be great with this.

  8. Catherine Gibbs

    Liked and Liked! I would love to win this set, my sister and I only have a poor little teapot we bought at the thrift shop, and it would be so sweet to have a beautiful tea set like this one to entertain with! Plus I’ve always wanted to try those blooming teas! :)

  9. Rebecca Chestnut

    This set makes tea time feel a little more special. Who does not want to have more ‘special’ moments in their life? I sure do and would love this tea set to give this run off her feet Momma a special break. Thanks for the chance.

  10. LindaL

    Congrats on 3500 Fans! Would love to win this to be able to use to serve my Women’s Institute members when we have a meeting at my house! Thanks for all you do and the amazing giveaways!

  11. carolyn larry

    This is such a gorgeous tea set! i would love to have it because i enjoy a good calming cup of tea and what better way to entertain friends than to share a cup! :)

  12. Jess

    tea is important as water in our house this would be a beautiful addition to our home and if I won it would be this first thing that I have won since starting to coupon a year ago:)
    Good luck to all !!

  13. Carrie Butler

    liked and shared with my peeps because I know they would love this too! I want this so so badly – it’s so classy to drink my tea out of. Just love it!

  14. Jaimee Mcallister

    I would love to win this set because … I FREAKING LOVE TEA
    And I havent had a chance to try alokazay tea yet, so this will be exciting to try their glassware.

  15. Barb C

    I love to drink tea from a glass cup & watch the milk swirl around when you add it to the tea. Makes me dream of being a kid & watching clouds! Just love it!

  16. Laverne Rostotski

    This is so Beautiful! I am hosting a 50th Wedding Anniversary for my parents this summer and this would look amazing on the head table. My mom Loves her tea and this would be soooo Perfect :)

  17. Shelley Keating

    I have some tea blossoms I have never used because I have not found a clear glass teapot which I thought would be most flattering for them. This one looks absolutely PERFECT for them :D I can’t wait to try them ;)

  18. Hope Britton

    such a beautiful tea set!! I’d love to win to have a special tea set for myself .. and when company comes over .. and especially when the younger ones come over, they know that Auntie has special tea with them and their friends (stuffed animals)

  19. Marion Lalonde

    That tea set is absolutely gorgeous and would make a fine addition to my household! Thank you for having a wonderful website and i appreciate all the information you make available!

  20. Tasha White

    I drink A LOT of tea and would be using this set everyday. Also, it would be a nice gift to possibly give to my Mom on Mother’s Day who I hardly see because we do not live in the same city.. (If I can give the tea set up! lol)

  21. Donna Carpenter

    I have a balcony, a table and chairs…..the perfect spot for iced tea on a hot day. The only thing missing is a beautiful tea set to use when serving my tea .

  22. Cindy Thurston

    I would love to win this beautiful tea set for my husband and I as we have just started drinking tea for all the health benefits and no not yet have a tea set. Thank-you for the chance to win this!

  23. amber

    I would love to win this because ive never won something this big in my life!! im officially a tea addict now so would love to have this!! good luck everyone!

  24. jackie reid

    I LOVE TEA, and its something me and my grandpa did well I looked after him for the last year of his life, Would love to be able to contuine this tradition with my son :)

  25. Dawn Bonneville

    Id love to have this because with 4 kids we use more plastic then glass and it would be great to have a nice set to use when we have company.

  26. Chris Crawford

    I would love to share this set with my son and his new wife as they are just starting out and it would be nice if they had some keepsakes in their early years to enjoy long term. It is a beautiful glass set :)

  27. Gail Squires

    My daughter is a huge fan of various teas and I would love to serve our nightly tea in this beautiful set. Wish you could see the amount of teas we have. everything from regular to mint, banana nut tea. we have over 20 pack at the moment and I make it in indivual cups. This would be perfect!!!!!

  28. Heather P

    I would love to win this set because my fiance and I are moving into our first home and this would be great for helping us with our get togethers with family and friends!

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