22 thoughts on “Bye Bye 2013 Coupons!!!!! Hello 2014 Tips on getting Coupon`s

    • tina Post author

      Its in their Store Coupon Policy and its also a way of Price matching instead of Pricematching you can use a competing business Coupon. Here in NB They still aceept them at Walmart. Also Its known that they get no Money back for them. They also lose money from Price Matching but they get the business instead of the leading Comp. Thank you though for posting.

  1. Jennifer Williams

    I hope you donate the expired ones to the troops, I love that they are able to still use them and we did not waste our time clipping them for nothing. I just learned of the printables through HP, I know have my coupons print automatically for me and they are waiting for me on my printer – love that. I just moved and have yet to find them in the stores yet, I also can not seem to figure out which paper has the better inserts yet. It takes time to get a system in place after relocating.

  2. T. Marie

    I am the worst at using coupons though all the coupon crazy mommas out there make me want to coupon so bad. These are some great tips on how to get coupons though. I always wondered how everyone got all those stacks of them.

  3. Helene Cohen Bludman

    I love couponing even though it seems to be harder now with them expiring so quickly. I like to give the expired ones to a program that benefits our military.

  4. Lawna

    These are all great ways to get coupons; however, I have another idea to add to the list. Sometimes if you compliment on a company, they will send you coupons. I recently wrote to a few and they sent me coupons. It sometimes can take up to two months to receive them, but they do arrive.

  5. becca

    I coupon but I’ve learned my local newspaper doesn’t always carry the same coupons as others or i’ll look for a certain coupon and it’s not there. I also live in a smaller area so my store doesn’t take a lot of competitors coupons. I really wish I could take a class on how to get better.

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