Checkout 51 Launches Brand New FREE app to make Saving Money Easier!

Have you heard about Checkout 51? Are you a member? If you are a member, Checkout 51 is about to make everyones lives easier for submitting  receipts and seeing our accounts balance all at our fingertips.


If you are not a member, Checkout51 is a NEW program in Canada that lets you save even MORE money on groceries and use coupons too!  Every Thursday morning their app updates with a new list of offers from some really awesome companies (Kraft, Heinz, Quaker, Peek Freans, the list goes on). All you have to do is pick the ones you like, purchase them at any store in Canada, and use the app to upload a photo of your receipt. When your account reaches $20, Checkout51  sends you a cheque.


AND GUESS WHAT .. if you aren’t a member yet … You can become a MEMBER by simply downloading the app to your Apple device TODAY! Check it out!


Well here is the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT …………………………….


For the last few months, Checkout51 members have been taking pictures and emailing them into the sites main email contact … well if you are an Apple user, they just made your lives EASIER!

 Introducing~CHECKOUT 51 app for iPhones/iPad and iPods (with picture taking capabilities)


How it works

1. Open the Checkout 51 app to see this week’s offers (new every Thursday)

2. Buy any of the products on the offer list from any store in Canada and keep the receipt (As a Checkout51 member, you are permitted to buy all the items on the offer list that week, but are restricted to 1 product minimum per member)

4.  If you are an existing Beta tester, Email the team at Checkout51 to let them know you want to link your account to the new technology of your Apple device . Put in subject line – Connect my beta and app account

3. In the Checkout51 app, tap “Upload Receipt” and snap photos of the receipt!

4. When your account reaches $20, you request a cheque and they send you a cheque! EASY

This week: $11 of cash back offers

As you’ll see in the Checkout51 app, this week’s offers include $11 cash back on groceries purchased anywhere, including $2 on Ruffles, $2 on Cracker Barrel Natural Cheese, and a $1.50 on Triscuits. The full list of offers is here every week. Offers expire Wednesdays at midnight EST and they are replaced with new offers at that time.

 * Install the app here *

So what are you waiting for, download the Checkout51 app – click HERE to download it now and search for Checkout51!  Or visit their Facebook page and click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button.

SO if you have an Apple device that takes pictures, get in the boat and join this awesome program today and save even more every week.  And if you like our service, please give us a 5-star review in the App Store. It really helps and they would really appreciate it!



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