CHECKOUT 51 SNEAK PEEK (Thurs. Jan 17 – Wed. Jan 23, 2013)

CHECKOUT 51 SNEAK PEEK (Thurs. Jan 17 – ed. Jan 23, 2013)

Thank you Coupon Christine for this Amazing Sneak peak.

CHECKOUT51 DEALS – SNEAK PEEK (Thurs. Jan. 17 – Wed. Jan. 23, 2013)

These offers will go live on the app at 12:00 AM EST on Thursday January 17. They will expire at 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday January 23. Members must buy the products in Canada and submit the receipts while the offers are live.
Maple Leaf Bacon, 500 g, any variety, excludes Natural Selections and Ready Crisp. Cash back: $2.00 Regular price: $5.25
Pillsbury cookie dough, any variety. Cash back: $1.00 Regular price: $2.77
Kashi Pita Crisps, 223 g, any flavour, Crackers excluded. Cash back: $1.00 Regular price: $3.49
Pine-Sol, 1.41 L or more, any scent. Cash back: $1.00 Regular price: $3.97
Friskies wet cat food, 156 g, any variety. Cash back: $0.50 Regular price: $0.64
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, 250 g or more. Cash back: $0.50 Regular price: $0.89
Minute Maid frozen juice cans, 295 mL, any juice drink.Cash back: $0.50 Regular price: $0.93
POM Wonderful, 100% Pomegranate Juice, 236 mL or more. Cash back: $0.50 Regular price: $1.00
Catelli pasta, any variety. Cash back: $0.50 Regular price: $1.97
Unico wine vinegar, 500 mL, red or white. Cash back: $0.50 Regular price: $1.99
Baby Mum-Mum, 50 g, any variety. Cash back: $0.50 Regular price: $2.46
Quaker Crispy Minis rice chips, 100 g, any variety. Cash back: $0.50 Regular price: $2.49
JELL-O refrigerated products, Includes Ready-To-Eat Puddings, Mousse, and Gel Snacks, any variety. Cash back: $0.50 Regular price: $2.85
Pop-Tarts, 400 g or more, any variety. Cash back: $0.50 Regular price: $2.77
Dempster’s Bagels, Package of 6, any variety. Cash back: $0.50 Regular price

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