Coupon Blogging And Posting(Giving Credit When Credit is Due)

As A lot of you Know Iv been Couponing and Helping others find deals and freebies for almost two years now. Iv meet tons of amazing People who run Couponing groups,Fan pages and Coupon Trading Groups.
Threw out my day on Facebook on and off while my looking after the house and children I also post coupon finds,freebies and special offers for others here on my Website then Post on my NB Coupon Clipper fan page.
When I see Someone else has posted something first or I see it first from them I always thank them and put their name on the top or bottom of my blog on my website. Iv been noticing a lot this passed few weeks this other Bloggers and Fan page owners are not doing the same. They Copy and paste off others posts and act as if it’s their own and NO THANK  to the real person who really posted first for their members.
I also work with a Group of ladies called the Coupon All stars Canada team. We always Thank one another for one of our findings and also other Bloggers and Fan Pages.
I know its a FREE world and we can all do what we please when it comes to blogging and posts but REALLY  what are you teaching your members? They are going to figure it out where it really came from. I feel thanking others and having passion for others feelings shows what kind of person you really are.
I love meeting and talking to others owners of Couponing Websites and Fan Pages and hope to meet over this New year. I would love to see more Credit being given to others when its due,I`m Going to Continue doing so No matter what other Bloggers chose to do and i know the All Stars Team will do the same.
Happy New Year Everyone!!!

25 thoughts on “Coupon Blogging And Posting(Giving Credit When Credit is Due)

  1. Louida

    It’s common courtesy for someone to thank you for your help. How rude of people stealing other people’s post and don’t give credit back! That’s extremely rude and needs to be called out! Don’t let that slide!

  2. Chavonne H

    I’ve noticed many bloggers giving credit in their posts, it’s surprising to know that anyone wouldn’t if they didn’t write it first or find it first but I’m glad you are giving thanks to those who’ve helped with couponing. Thanking someone goes a long way.

  3. Liz Mays

    I would think deal blogging would be a tough one and so hard to be on top of all the time. I usually see people crediting others for their deals posted, so I hope most people do that.

  4. Mina Slater

    It should be common courtesy to thank the blogger or group But unfortunately not every thinks that way. It’s getting worse, even taking other peoples photos. I hope everyone starts giving credit where it’s due.

  5. Ashley Gill

    Thanking your source is a big deal to me. Passing something off as your own is just not right. I’m sorry the other blogger isn’t giving you the courtesy of that. If I were you, I’d probably call them out.

  6. Katherine G

    That is crazy. I think it is only fair to give someone credit for their work. To pretend that work is your own and you didn’t do the work is just not right. I’m glad you do that and will continue to do it. Maybe others will follow tour lead.

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