**HOT NEW**Coupon Flyer Match Ups For Feb.22-Feb.28 NB


Finish tablet-$6.49(-$3.00 Printable coupon)=$3.49

Febreeze car and house spray-$2.99(-Buy 3 save$5.00 p&G Coupon)=3 for $4.00

Palmolive Dish Soap-$2.29(-$1.00 Mail out)=$1.29

.15 Percant of Band Aid, Elastoplast Bandaids($1.00 Elastoplast Tear Pad or Websaver coupon or Printable Band aid Coupon.

Halls-$1.99(-Printable BOGO)=.99 Each

Sheick Hydro 5 razors-$5.99(-$4.00 Shoppers Voice Mail out)=$1.99

Chapmans Frozen Yogurt-$3.99(-$5.00 Chapmans Mailout)=FREE

15 pack of Coke-$4.54 NO COUPON

Cheerios-$3.49(-various Coupon)

Gain Laundry Soap-$4.49(cheaper at walmart(3.00) not sure what their are for coupons)

McCain Pizza Pockets 8’s-$3.99(-$1.00 Coupon Insert)=$2.9

Ahoy Extras 2 for$5.00-($1.00 Tear Pad)=2 for $3.00

Schneiders Country Chicken $8.99-(-$4.00 Printable)=$4.99

Yops $.99- .50 Tear pad)=.49 each WOW

Pam $3.99-($1.00 Tear Pad Coupon)=$2.99

Hamburger Helper $1.99 (NO COUPON  but look for $3.00 of Hanburger on box)

Soft Soap Body Wash $2.99(-Coupon Insert buy 2 save $2.00)=$4.00 for 2



Classico Pasta Sauce-$2.00 (-$1.00 Tear pad)=$1.00

Michelinas-$1.00(-.50 mailout)=.50

Advil,Aleve,Tylenol 10 packs-$2.00(-$2.00 mail out)=FREE

Childrens Tylenol-$3.00(-$3.00 Printable coupon)=FREE

Dove Bar-$1.00(Shoppers Voice Coupon $1.00)=FREE

Lever 2000-$2.00

Olay Soap Bars-$3.00(-P&G Coupon $3.00 wub2)=$3.00 for 2

Scrubbing Bubbles-$3.00(-BOGO Coupon Insert)=$1.50

Airwick Scented Oil kits(various coupons)

Pringles-$1.00 NO coupon

Gain Laundry Soap-$3.00 No coupon

LogoAtlanticSaveEasy (1)


Imperial-.99 NO COUPON

Club House seasoning-.99(buy 2 get one free save.ca)=$1.98 for 2

Yop Yogurt-.99(-.50 Tear Pad Coupon)=.49

Chapmans Ice cream-$3.99(-$5.00 mailout)=FREE

BD Cheese Strings-$3.49(-.75 Tear Pad)=$2.74

Wonder Bread 2 for $5.00(-Save 2 save $2.00 save.ca)=$3.00 for 2



Tide Laundry Soap-$5.99(-$3.00 Coupon Insert)=$2.99

Kool Aid Jammers-$1.99

Cracker Barrel Cheese-$4.44

Fresh express Asian Kits-$3.77(-$1.00 Mail out)=$2.77

Country naturals chicken-$9.99(-$4.00 Printable)=$5.99

Coolwhip-$2.99(-$1.00 Printable)=$1.99


Toilet Duck-$3.49(-$2.00 websaver coupon)=$1.49

Reynolds wax paper-$2.79(-.75 mailout)=$2.04



Black Diamond Cheese-$4.99(-.75 Tear Pad)=$4.24

Old dutch chips-2 for $5.00 no coupon(I wish)

Shake and bake-$2.29(-.50 Tear Pad)=$1.79

Cheerios-2 for $4.00(-.75 save.ca coupon)=2 for  $2.50

Miracle whip-$3.99(-$1.00 save.ca coupon)=$2.99

Chapmans ice cream-$3.99(-$5.00 mail out)=FREE


2 Days Sales Febuary.24-25 ONLY

Lays Chips-$1.99

Oreo or Ritz crackers-$1.88

Purex-$3.99(buy 2 save $2.50 Insert)=$4.23 for 2

Optic White toothpaste-$2.99(-$1.00 Insert or websaver Coupon)=$1.99

Tylenol-$8.99(- $3.00Printable Coupon)=$5.99


Coke or Pepsi 2L-4 for $4.00 NO COUPON

Cornflakes-$2.99(-$1.00 Websaver coupon)=$1.99

Chunky Beef Soup-$1.88(-Buy 4 save $2.00 TearPad)=%5.52 for 4

15% off Elastoplast Bandaids- $1.00 Tear Pads

Childrens Advil-$8.99(-$5.00 Booklet coupon)=$3.99

Dove Body wash-$5.99(-$2.00 Printable Coupon)=$3.99

Pampers Cruisers-$10.99(P&G coupons)

Werthers Original-$1.99(-buy 2 get 1 free mailout)=$3.98 for 3



Arm and hammer Laundry Soap-$3.00(-$1.00 Printable Coupon)=$2.00

Chapmans Frozen Yogurt-$4.00(-$5.00 Mailout)=FREE

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Sales Start Febuary.24 to March.2

Cheez Whiz-$2.97(-$1.50 Coupon save.ca)=$1.47

Bens Whole wheat bread-$1.88(-Buy 2 save $2.00 Tear Pad)=$1.64 for 2

Robin Hood 10KG Bag White Flour-$9.99(-$1.00 coupon from Booklet)=$8.99

Shake And Bake-$1.59(-.50 Tear Pad)=$1.09

Mr.noodles 5 for $1.00

Hunt thick and Rich Pasta-.99(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=FREE

Bicks Pickles-$2.47(-.50 Tear Pad)=$1.97

All post cereals-$3.49 No cooupon

Lays Family bag-$2.47 No coupon

Tostitos-$2.77 No coupon

Nature Valley bars-$1.97 No coupon

Armstrong cheese-$3.47(-$1.00 Magazine Coupon)=$2.47

Mccains thin crust pizza-$2.97

Special K flat beard sandwiches-$2.97(-$2.00 Websaver coupon)=.97



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  1. Emily

    One of the ladies in one of my coupon groups messaged Classico about pics of the $1 coupon that have been circulating around, and they said there weren’t ANY coupons out. Must be a fake?

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