Did you get your GayLea Butter FPC? Check your emails for impo email about your coupon


gaylea-300x111The following Info was all done by Coupon Christine thank you for sharing hun and keeping us up to date on changes and alerts such as this.

Update from Save.ca is that coupons were mailed without a barcode and some stores may think this isn’t a legit coupon.  So Save.ca has sent out emails to all those affected by this with the following msg (check spam trap)

Thank you for being a valued member of Save.ca. It has recently come to our attention that a mailing issue at the Save.ca printing plant caused you to receive your FREE Gay Lea Spreadable Butter coupon without the barcode. We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this error may have caused.

There is a UNIQUE hyperlink you must click following these instructions in your email, but remember, it only works once, so make sure you are at a PC to make sure it works


Thanks Christiane for sharing

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