Does Your Sobey`s Allow You To Do This????

480194_10151371360611835_114511054_nI was wondering if your Sobey`s In your area where you shop allows you to use the following Coupons in the following ways together:

$1.00 with a BOGO

$2.00 with a BOGO

Free product Coupon With a BOGO

Save $2.00 Wub 2 with a $1.00 Coupon

I`m able to do this at my Local Sobey`s and just wanting some feed back to see if others can do this also.

Also wondering how many of you did`nt know about this way of couponing at Sobey`s. its sad to say but this is as close we can get to stacking here in NB for using 2 Coupons at once.

8 thoughts on “Does Your Sobey`s Allow You To Do This????

  1. Michelle L.

    I’m in MB, i’ve been able to stack peelies w/Bogo Coupons, or Manufacturers coupons.
    On top of sale prices or reduced items and even instore BOGO items…

  2. Geraldine

    My Sobeys does… I always use the b1g1 s/bubbles,, and 2.00 coupon,, or the 1.00 if I got any… also on the Healthy choice gourmet steamers b1g1 and a 2.00 one… works great for me..

  3. Judy

    Healthy Steamers actually say can’t be used in combo with others. I have done all the others except a buy 2 for $2 plus a $1 – how does that work?

  4. Lisa

    It’s called coupon grouping, and all stores should allow you to do it. You are using the $1.00 off coupon on the FIRST item, and then the B1G1 Free coupon on the SECOND item. You are not using two coupons on one item. You are using ONE coupon on EACH item. I find putting a coupon on each item makes it easier for the cashier to understand rather than waiting until the end. I must admit I am a little confused about using the $2.00 WUB 2 and the $1.00 because that seems like coupon stacking to me which is not allowed in the Atlantic provinces. Perhaps I am misunderstanding. Another tip is that Sobey’s accept CZ coupons from Superstore. A Sobey’s manager told me that tip, and I’ve been using it every since ;-)

  5. Ashley J

    I’ve tried $off + bogo and fpc + bogo at many places. Sometimes they allow it and sometimes they dont….depends on which cashier I go to. :P

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