East Coast Match-Ups And Lowest Ad Matching Prices For(N.B,N.S,NFL,P.E.I) May.14-22

These Coupon Match-ups are not only for New Brunswick, I have been looking into this and Nova Scotia,Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland have all the same store flyers. But I have also noticed a few differences in -store  specials but other than that the sales from week to week are same.

East Coast Flyer Match-upsTerms I use when I make the Coupon Match-ups:

WUB-When You Buy

BOGO-Buy one get one Free

Mail out Coupon- Coupon sent from  Company In the Mail

Coupon Insert-Coupon booklets that come from The News paper

Tear Pad- Coupons that come from the Store,found on displays or directly near product.

On Product Coupon-Coupon that was on a Package or item that was bought.

Websaver,Save.ca,P&G,Go coupons,Right at Home- These are all Coupons that come from ordering them from these Coupon sites.

MIR-Mail in Rebate

Jean Coutu May.16-22

Click Here for flyer

Oral B tooth brushes-complete-3 for $5.00(-$1.00 insert)=.66

Charmin toilet paper-8 double roll-$2.99

Giant Tiger May.14-21

Click Here for flyer

Voltaren Emugel-$4.39(-$5.00 Printable)=FREE

Top dogs hot dogs- reg size-$1.88

Heinz Ketchup-1L-$2.99

Atlantic Superstore  May.15-22

Flyer link Click Here

Wonder hamburger or hot dog buns

white or whole wheat, pkg. of 8-4 DAY SALE-Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun-May 15, 16, 17 & 18- $1.88

Maple Leaf Flakes of ham, turkey, chicken-156 g or Clover Leaf light tuna-85/170 g-4 DAY SALE-Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun-May 15, 16, 17 & 18- .88

Coke cola 15 pack-$3.66

Klondike novelties-pkg. of 4-$2.99(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$1.99

Orville Redenbacher’s gourmet popping corn-pkg. of 6-8-$3.49

Atlantic Save easy May.15-21

Click Here for flyer

Coke cola 15 pack-3 for $9.99 or $3.33 each

farmers ice cream-1.5L-$2.99

Extra lean ground beef-$3.49LB

Rita crackers-100-454g-2 for $4.00

No Frills May.15-21

Click Here for flyer

Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent-1.47 L – 2.21 L Or no name® Fabric Softener 3 L-$3.77(-$1.50 Printable coupon)=$2.27

Christie Snacking Crackers-100 – 225 g-$1.88

Astro Yogurt-12 x 100 g-selected varieties-$2.97

Royale Bathroom Tissue-8 rolls, 8=16 rolls-$4.44(-$1.00 go coupon)=$3.44

Coca-Cola Or Pepsi Soft Drinks-2 L-.97

Foodland May.15-21

Ben’s Hamburger Buns or hot dog-12’s-4 Day Sale!-Thursday, May 15th to Sunday, May 18th- 2 for $5.00
Kraft BBQ Sauce-455 ml-4 Day Sale!-Thursday, May 15th to Sunday, May 18th—77¢
Medium Ground Beef-value pack or medium ground beef chub-454 g, $2.88 each
Delissio Thin Crispy Crust Pizza-555 – 630 g-$3.99(-$1.00 coupon)=$2.99

Shoppers Drug Mart 

Walmart May.16-22

Nestle Parlour Ice cream And Parlour Novelties-$2.97

Celebration cookies-180g-350g-$1.97(-$1.00 mag coupon)=.97

Breton bites crackers-100g-225g-$1.97

Cracker Barrel natural slices-240g-$3.00(-$1.00 tear pad)=$2.00

Degree pit stick-$1.97(-$1.00 tear pad)=.97

Sobeys May.8-14

Bens Holsum bread-500g-$1.66 or buns 8s-$1.66

Chapmans Sundaes-1 litre,Premium novelites-$2.99

Kraft dinner-225g-.99

Sunlight Liquid laundry soap-1.47L or 32 use or power packs 24s-$3.99(-$4.00 insert)=FREE

Larsens wieners-900g-$4.99


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Didnt see any deals

Lawtons  May.16-22

click here for flyer

Coke 15 pack-$3.33

Value foods-   May.15-21

Philly chip dip-227g-$1.99(-$1.00 Printable coupon for onion)=.99












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