East Coast Match-Ups And Lowest Ad Matching Prices For(N.B,N.S,NFL,P.E.I)October.1-8

These Coupon Match-ups are not only for New Brunswick, I have been looking into this and Nova Scotia,Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland have all the same store flyers. But I have also noticed a few differences in -store  specials but other than that the sales from week to week are same.

East Coast Flyer Match-ups

Terms I use when I make the Coupon Match-ups:

WUB-When You Buy

BOGO-Buy one get one Free

Mail out Coupon- Coupon sent from  Company In the Mail

Coupon Insert-Coupon booklets that come from The News paper

Tear Pad- Coupons that come from the Store,found on displays or directly near product.

On Product Coupon-Coupon that was on a Package or item that was bought.

Websaver,Save.ca,P&G,Go coupons,Right at Home- These are all Coupons that come from ordering them from these Coupon sites.

MIR-Mail in Rebate

Foodland October.2-8

Villaggio bread-675g-2 for $5.00(.75 tear pad)=$3.50 for 2

Globe grapes-$1.49lb

Majesta bathroom tissue-8 double rolls-$3.99(-$1.00 save.ca)=$2.99

Christie cookies-265-300g-$1.99

Coke and pepsi-2L-3 for $4.98

Jean Coutu -Oct.3-9

Giant Tiger -Oct.1-7

Patatoes -10lb bag-$1.99

Janes Chicken – 600-680g-$4.98
Heinz gravy-.77
Hamburger helper-$1.47
 No Frills Oct.2-8
Red or green seedless grapes-$1.47lb
eggo waffles-8pack-$1.99(-$1.00 tear pad)=.99
Whiskas dry cat food- up to 1.5kg-$5.97(-$3.00 peelie)=$2.97
Atlantic superstore-Oct.2-8

Butterball turckey-1.49lb

Ritz crackers-100g-454g-$1.67

Coke 15 pack-$3.66

Pepsi 12 pack-$3.33

Cracker barrel cheese block-400/600g-$3.99

Degree pitstick-45-85g-$1.49(-$1.00 tear pad)=.49

Cracker barrel cheese snacks-$4.49(-$2.00 websaver)=$2.49

Sobeys Oct.2-8

All Kraft Philly products-$1.99

Red path sugar-2kg-$1.49

Bens extra bread-600g-2 for $4.00

Hamburger helper-158-255g-$2.00

Imperial marg-454g-$1.99

Walmart  Oct.2-8

Armstrong cheese-500g-$4.47

gain laundry soap-32loads-$3.47

Shout laundry stain remover-$2.44(=$1.50 save.ca)=$1.14

Scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaners-different sizes-$2.44(-bogo)=2 for $2.44

Whiskas cat food-$12.48(-$3.00 insert)=$9.48

Heinz tomato juice-1.36L-.99

Atlantic Save easy Oct.2-8

Coke 15 pack-$3.66

Pepsi-12 pack-$3.33

Cheez whiz-450g-$2.99

Butterball turkeys-$1.49lb





Shoppers Drug Mart Oct.4-9

Min made juice boxes.10 pack-$1.99 OCTOBER.4TH ONLY

Qauker Crispy minis-.99

Wonder bread-570g-$1.99

vim cleanser-250ml-.99

Breyers classic and popsicle novelty bars-$2.99(-$1.00 Tearpad)=$1.99

Crisco shortning-454g-$1.99




Valu foods Oct.2-8

Lays 18 pack chips-$5.29

Chapmans sundaes-2 for $5.00(-$4.00 mail out)=$1.00 for 2

Kraft peanut butter-1kg-$2.99














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