East Coast Match-ups(N.B,N.S,N.F.L,P.E.I) For April.19-April.25




Bens Hot dog and Hamburger Buns-Reg Price $4.19 BOGO (-.50 NEW Tear Pad)=$3.69 for 2

Chapman`s Yogurt Novelties-  $5.99-$8.99BOGO Use (-$5.00 Chapmans Mailout)= Prices Vary

Olymel Chicken breast chunkies-$10.99(-$2.00 Tear pad)=$8.99

Summer fresh Topped Hummus-BOGO $4.99(-$1.00 Booklet Coupon)=$3.99 for 2

Kraft Handi Snacks-BOGO $1.99(-.35 WUB2 NEW Tear Pad)=$1.64 for 2

Ahoy extras cookies-$2.99(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$1.99

Live Clean Shampoo-BOGO $6.99(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$5.99 for 2

Right Guard Roll on-$2.99(-$1.50 Coupon Insert)=$1.49

Vaseline Lotion-$2.99(-$2.00 Coupon Insert)=.99

Dove  Antiperspirant-2 for $5.00(-$2.00 WUB2)=$3.00 for 2

Hertal Cleaning Products-BOGO $2.99(- .75 Printable Coupon)=$2.24 For 2

Downy Unstopables-$6.49(-$1.00 P&G Coupon Insert)=$5.49

Colgate Tooth brush-BOGO $1.99(-$1.00 Mail Out)=.99 for 2

LogoAtlanticSaveEasy (1)


Purex laundry Soap-$3.99(-$1.50 Coupon Insert WUB2)=$6.48 for 2

Arctic gardens-$2.99(-$1.00 Go Coupons)=$1.99

Country harvest Bread-2 for $5.00(-.75 Tear Pad)=$3.50



$3.97 Rising crust Pizza-$3.97 No coupon but good deal

Tide 26-40 loads-$6.97(-$1.00 P&G Coupon Insert)=$5.97

Yoplait Yogurt Tubes or cups-$2.00(-.50 Tear Pad)=$1.50

Green Works Products-$2.47(-$2.00 WUB2 Tear Pad)=$2.94 for 2(Cheaper at Shoppers Drug Mart)

Orville Popcorn-$2.97(-$1.50 Tear Pad)=$1.47

Coca Cola 15 packs-$3.97 No coupon but good deal

Hamburger Helper-$1.67(No Coupon but look for $3.00 Hamburger Coupon on Box.

Kraft Handi Snacks-$1.00(-.35 WUB2 NEW Tear Pad)=$1.65 for 2

J&J baby Products-$3.96(-$1.00 J&J Mail Out)=$2.96

Dove 750 ml Shampoo-$6.94(-$3.00 Printable Coupon)=$3.94

Old Spice Body wash or Deodorant-$3.97(-$3.00 WUB P&G Insert)=$4.94 for 2

Children`s Motrin-$4.97(-$2.00 Tear Pad)=$2.97

Children`s Tylenol-$4.97(-$3.00 Printable Coupon)=$1.97

(24s)Zantac-$9.94(-$3.00 Tear Pad)=$6.94



Chapmans Premium Ice Cream or Yogurt-$3.99(-$5.00 Mail Out)=FREE

VH Sauces-2 for $5.00(-$2.00 WUB2 Booklet)=$3.00 for 2

Orville Pop Corn-$3.97(-$1.50 Tear Pad)=$2.47

Colgate tooth brush-.99(-$1.00 Mail Out)=FREE



Scrubbing Bubbles cleansing gel-$2.99(-BOGO Coupon Insert)=$1.49

Wonder bread-$1.97 Different coupons .75 Tear Pad,buy 2 save $1.00 Tear Pad or Buy 2 Save $2.00 save.ca Coupon

Vim-$1.99(-$1.00 Coupon Insert)=.99

Palmolive-$1.99(-$1.00 Mail Out)=.99

French Dyon Mustard-$1.77(-.75 Coupon Insert)=$1.02

Black Diamond cheese-$5.00(-.75 Tear Pad)=$4.25



Tide-$5.99(-$1.00 P&G Coupon)=$4.99

Hertel Cleaning Products-3 for $5.00(-.75 Printable Coupon)=2.75 for 3

head and Shoulders Shampoo-$3.99(-$1.00 P&G Coupon Insert)=$2.99

Pantene Shampoo-$3.99(-$1.00 P&G Coupon Insert)=$2.99

Coca Cola 15 pack- $3.49 NO COUPON BUT GREAT DEAL

6 Roll Bounty-$4.99

Gillette shaving cream-$2.99

Nivea Body wash-$3.99(-$3.00 Websaver Coupon)=.99

Right Guard Deodorant-2 for $5.00(-$1.50 Coupon Insert)=$3.00 for 2

Garnier Bell Color Hair Color-$4.99

Aspirin-$6.99(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$4.99

Advil-$4.49(-$2.00 mail out or Printable)=$2.49

Trigger Vim-$2.99(-$1.00 Coupon Insert)=$1.99

Vim gel-$2.49(-$1.00 Coupon Insert)=$1.49

Resolve-$2.99(-$1.00 Coupon Insert)=$1.99

frebreeze Room and furniture Spray-$3.99

Glad Kitchen bags-$5.99(-$2.00 Coupon Insert or Tear Pad)=$3.99

Speed Stick or lady speed Stick-2 for $5.00-($2.00 WUB2 Coupon Insert)=$3.00 for 2

Alberto Hair products-$2.99(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$1.99




Laughing Cow-$3.99(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$2.99

Country harvest Bread-2 for $5.00(-.75 Tear Pad)=$3.50 for 2

Ziploc Baggies-$2.79(-$1.00 Websaver Coupon)=$1.79

Mr.clean with gain-$3.49(-$2.50WUB2 P&G Coupon Insert)=$4.48

Live clean hair care and Baby products-$3.99(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$2.99

Right Guard-$1.99(-$1.50 Coupon Insert)=.49 WOW

20% off all Bandaid brand and Elastoplast  Bandaids- Use $1.00 Tear Pad or $1.00 Printable or $2.00 Bandaid J&J Mail Out

Black Diamond Cheese-$5.99(-.75 Tear Pad)=$5,24




Coca-Cola or Pepsi soft drinks 2 L-$1.00

Chapman’s ice cream sundae1 Lselected varieties, frozen-$3.00(- $5.00  Mail Out)=FREE

Purex liquid laundry detergent-$3.00(-$1.00 Printable Coupon)or BUy 2 save $1.50 NEW Coupon Insert)

Dove hair care-$3.00(-$3.00 Printable Coupon)=FREE

Ziploc baggies-$2.00(-$1.00 websaver Coupon)=$1.00

Dr. Oetker Panebello, Ristorante or Casa Di Mama pizza-$3.00(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$2.00





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