East Coast Match-ups(N.B,N.S,NFL,P.E.I) For May.17-May.23

East Coast Flyer Match-upsThese Coupon Match-ups are not only for New Brunswick, I have been looking into this and Nova Scotia,Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland have all the same store flyers. But I have also noticed a few differences in -store  specials but other than that the sales from week to week are same.

Terms I use when I make the Coupon Match-ups:

WUB-When You Buy

BOGO-Buy one get one Free

Mail out Coupon- Coupon sent from  Company In the Mail

Coupon Insert-Coupon booklets that come from The News paper

Tear Pad- Coupons that come from the Store,found on displays or directly near product.

On Product Coupon-Coupon that was on a Package or item that was bought.

Websaver,Save.ca,P&G,Go coupons,Right at Home- These are all Coupons that come from ordering them from these Coupon sites.

MIR-Mail in Rebate






Larsen wieners,regular or bbq,-3 DAY SALE,Fri, Sat & Sun May 17,18 & 19

Winder bread-$2.22(-Buy 2 save $1.00 Tear pad)=$3.44 for 2

15 pack Coke Cola-$3.99 NO COUPON BUT GREAT SALE

Bicks Pickles-$2.99(-.50 NEW Tear Pad)=$2.49

Marc Angelo chicken breast portions-$3.49(-$1.00 Mail Out)=$2.49.

Maple Leaf regular, Natural Selections or portions-$3.49(-$2.00 Websaver Portions Coupon)=$1.49

Post Shreddies, Honey bunches of Oats or Sugar Crisp-$2.99(-.75 Tear Pad)=$2.24

Ziploc bags-$2.79(-$1.00 websaver Coupon)=$1.79

VH sauces-$2.50(-$2.00 WUB2 Booklet Coupon)=$3.00 for 2

KD mac salad mix-$1.25(-.35 WUB 2 Tear Pad)=$2.25 for 2

Pam cooking spray-$3.99(-$1.00 booklet Coupon)=$2.99

Nestlé Coffee-mate-$3.99(- $1.00 New Tear Pad)=$2.99

Dove Soap Bar-$1.00

LogoAtlanticSaveEasy (1)

Miracle Whip-$2.99(-$1.00 Save.ca Coupon)=$1.99

Marc Angelo pork steaks-$2.79(-$1.00 Mail Out or Peelie)=$1.79

Schneiders Juicy Jumbos, Grill‘ems,-$3.99(-BOGO websaver Coupon)=$3.99 for 2

Sunlight liquid laundry-$4.99(-$2.00 Insert)=$2.99

VH sauces-$2.50(-$2.00 WUB2 Booklet Coupon)=$3.00 for 2

Yoplait yogurt drink-$1.00(-$1.00 WUB2 Tear Pad)=$1.00 for 2

Catelli pasta-$1.50(-$1.00 Websaver Coupon)=.50



Buitoni Pizza-$4.99(-Use $2.00 Tear Pad & Buy 2 get one free Coupon)=$5.98 for 3 Pizza`s.

Johnsonville Sausages-$1.99(-$1.00 Mail Out)=.99

Bens Buns-2 for $4.00(-.50 Tear Pad)=2 for $3.00

Scotburn ice cream-$2.99 no coupon but goos buy

Tide pods-$4.99(-$1.00 P&G Coupon)=$3.99


walmart-logoPalmolive Dish Soap-$2.00(-$1.00 Mail Out)=$1.00 Each

Bens Buns-$2.27(-$.50 Tear Pad)=$1.77

Graves Apple Juice-$2.00 Coupon Peelie or Cut out from Product or Door hanger-$1.00 each wow

 Crest Pro health tooth paste-$2.67(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$1.67

Clear Shampoo-$4.66(-Printable BOGO Coupon)=$4.66 for 2


Lays Stax chips-$1.00 No Coupon

Heinz Ketchup-$2.97 No coupon but good buy

Off Products and raid-$6.97( Various Websaver Coupon)

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleansing Gel-$3.00(-BOGO Insert)=$3.00 for 2

Febreze Room and Furniture Spray-$3.99(-$1.00 Insert)=$2.99


Country Harvest bread,3 DAY SALE! May 17, 18 & 19-$1.97(-.75 Tear Pad)=

Garnier Fructis-$2.77(-$1.00 Peelie or Tear Pad)=$1.77

VH Or Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers-$3.00(-$2.00 Booklet Coupon)=$1.00 each also BOGO Coupon

Yoplait YOP Drinkable Yogurt-.67(-$1.00 WUB2 Tear Pad)=.17 E

haut-richelieu-jean-coutuGarnier Belle Hair color-$4.99(-$3.00 WUB@ Insert)=$5.98 for 2

Aveeno Lotions-$5.99(-$2.00 Tear Pad)=$3.99

Arm And Hammer Laundry Soap-$3.49(-$1.00 Insert)=$2.49

head and shoulders-$3.99(-$2.00 Insert)=$1.99

Pantene Shampoo-(-$2.00 Insert)=$1.99

Olay body wash-$3.99(-$2.00 Insert)=$1.99

Crest pro health tooth paste-$2.99(-$1.00 tear Pad)=$1.99

15 pack Coke Cola-$3.49  NO COUPON BUT GRETA DEAL!!!

Hertal Cleaners-$1.00(Printable Coupon)









Cadbury bagged Chocolate-$2.97(-.50 Tear Pad)=$2.47

Quacker Chewy Bars-$2.00(-$2.00 Cut Out From Oatmeal)=FREE

Cheerios-$1.99(-.75 Websaver Coupon)=$1.24

Catelli Pasta-$1.00(-$1.00 Websaver Coupon)=FREE





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