East Coast Match-ups(N.B,N.S,NFL,P.E.I) For May.31-June.6

East Coast Flyer Match-upsThese Coupon Match-ups are not only for New Brunswick, I have been looking into this and Nova Scotia,Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland have all the same store flyers. But I have also noticed a few differences in -store  specials but other than that the sales from week to week are same.

Terms I use when I make the Coupon Match-ups:

WUB-When You Buy

BOGO-Buy one get one Free

Mail out Coupon- Coupon sent from  Company In the Mail

Coupon Insert-Coupon booklets that come from The News paper

Tear Pad- Coupons that come from the Store,found on displays or directly near product.

On Product Coupon-Coupon that was on a Package or item that was bought.

Websaver,Save.ca,P&G,Go coupons,Right at Home- These are all Coupons that come from ordering them from these Coupon sites.

MIR-Mail in Rebate




Fantastic Spray-$1.99(-Bogo Coupon)=$1.99 for 2 or $1.50 Coupon get it for .49

Glade decor scents or refills-$1.98(-save $10.00 when you spend $15.00 Coupon Insert)=get 8 for $6.00 Or use Websaver or save.ca BOGO for .99 each

Olay Soap bar-$1.00(Use $2.00 P&G Coupon)=$1.00 Overage or free for free whatever store allows you to do. and also buy 2 save $2.00 to get them free or the new coupon coming out in this weekends paper for P&G buy 2 save $3.00. Lots of different choices.

St Ives Facial Scrub-$2.77(-$1.00 Insert)=$1.77 or if you buy use use $2.50 Coupon for bigger savings.

El Monterey Taquitos-$5.99(-$1.00 Mailout)=$4.99

VH Steamers-$2.97($2.00 Booklet Coupon)=.97

Healthy Choice Steamers-$2.97(-Bogo Insert)=$2.97 for 2



Colgate tooth paste and breushes-3 for $5.00(-$1.00 Mail Out)=3 for $2.00

Speed stick Mens and Womans-2 for $4.00(-save $2.00 WUB2 Insert)=$2.00 for 2

Tide Laundry soap-$4.77(-$3.00 wub2 Insert)=$6.54 for 2

Dove body wash-$2.99(-$2.00 Printable Coupon)=.99

Vasaline lotion-$2.99(-$2.00 Insert)=.99

Dove mens Shampoo-$2.99(-$2.00 taggie Coupon)=.99

Aspirin-$4.99(-$2.00 Tear Pad Coupon)=$2.99

Duracell Batteries 4 pack-2 for $7.00(-P&G coupon)

Olay soap bar(2) pack-$1.79(-$2.00  P&G Insert Coupon)=FREE or use Buy 2 save 2.00 Coupon or New Insert coming out this weekend buy 2 save 3.00.

Bandaid brand Bandaids 2 for $6.00(-$2.00 Mail Out)=2 for $2.00

LogoAtlanticSaveEasy (1)

Barilla Pasta-$1.00(-.75 Coupon Insert)=.25 or Use .50 Tear pad to make it .50.

Janes Chicken-$5.99(-There are Coupons out there just very hard to find)

Yogurt Tubes-$2.49(-.50 Tear Pad)=$1.99


Janes Chicken-$5.99( Coupons are out there but hard to find)

15 pack Coke Cola products-$3.99(No coupon but good buy)

Healthy Choice Steamers-$2.99(-BOGO Insert)=2 for $2.97

VH Sauces-$2.99($2.00 WUB2 Coupon booklet)=2 for $3.98

Orville Popcorn-$2.99(-$1.50 Tear pad)=$1.49

Palmolive dish soap-$1.99(-.75 Insert)=$1.25

Lysol bathroom cleaner-$1.99(-$1.00 Insert)=.99

Green works cleaners-$2.99(these Tear pads expire tomrrow 2.00 wub2)

Aero baged chocolate-$2.99(-$1.00 wub2 Insert)=$5.00 for 2

Bolt house drinks-3 for $5.00(-$1.00 Mail Out)=3 for $2.00

Always pads,Tampax tampons and Kotex pads not sure if u by kotex tampons are on this sale or not-$2.99

Herbal essence Shampoo-$2.49(-3.50 wub2 Insert)=2 for $1.48

Loreal Shampoo-$3.99(-$1.00 Insert)=$2.99

Tresemme Shampoo-$3.99(-$1.50 Tear pad)=$2.49

Wong wing entres-$3.99(-$3.00 wub2 Shoppers Voice Coupon)=$4.98 for 2

24 pack of Top dogs-$5.00(-.50 Tear pad)=$4.50





Downy Unstopables and Tide-$6.49(-$3.00 wub2 Insert)=$9.98

Ben extra Bread-$2.00(-.50 Tear Pad)=$1.50

5lb Russet Potatoes-$2.99

Chapmans Notelities 6&8s-$2.99(-$5.00 Mail Out)=$1.00 for 2

Club house la grill sauve-2 for $5.00(-$1.00 save.ca Coupon)=2 for $3.00

dawh Dish soap-$1.99(-.50 P&G Coupon Insert)=$1.49

Dove soap bar-$2.99(-$2.00 Printable)=.99




June 2,3 only 6 Pack of Pepsi products-$1.99

Rest of the week sales

Cover Girl Make up-$5.99(-$3.00 Tear pad)=$2.99

gain laundry Soap-$3.99($2.50 wub2 Insert)=$5.48 for 2

Dove Shampoo-$4.99(-$3.00 Printable)=$1.99

Dove Body wash-$2.99(-$2.00 Printable)=.99

Dens Dove Shampoo-$2.99(-$2.00 Tag Coupon)=.99

Vim Cleaner-$1.99(-$1.00 Insert)=.99

Vasaline Lotion Pump-$5.99(-$2.00 Insert)=$3.99

20% off all Air wick Products(use Coupon Inserts)

Live clean hand soap-$3.99(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$2.99




Marc Angelo Pork kebob 2 pack-$1.00(-$1.00 Mail Out)=FREE

Ziploc Baggies-$1.00(-$1.00 Websaver Coupon)=FREE

Oral B tooth brushes or Crest Toothpaste-$1.00(-$1.00 Tear pad)=FREE




Kool Aid Jammers-$1.99 no coupon but good deal

Purex Laundry Soap-$3.77(-$1.50 Insert wub2)=$6.04 for 2

Vasaline Spray-$6.99(-$2.00 Insert)=$4.99



Bens extra bread-$2.00(-.50 tear pad)=$1.50



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Chapman`s Sundaes-$2.97(-$5.00 Mail Out)=2 for .94 great Buy

Christie`s Cookies and crackers-$2.00( use Cooking mag coupons)

Ziploc Baggies-$2.97(-$1.00 Websaver Coupon)=$1.97

Bens bread-$2.00(-.50 Tear pad)=$1.50

Quaker Chewy bars-3 for $6.00(-$2.00 Coupon found on Oatmeal boxes)=FREE

Mr.Clean-$1.97(-$4.00 wub 3 P&G Coupon)=3 for $1.91

Febreze Air fresheners-$2.83(-$3.00 WUB2 P&G Coupon)=$2.66 for 2

Secret Pit Stick-$1.97(BOGO P&G Coupon)=2 for $1.97

Old Spice Pit Stick-$2.47(-$3.00 WUB 2 P&G Coupon)=$1.54 for 2

Oral B tooth brush or crest tooth paste-$1.47(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=.47

lady and mens speed stick-$2.00(-$2.00 WUB 2 Insert)=$2.00 for 2





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