***EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT*** – Coupon Allstars Canada is LIVE!

 Announcement By Coupon Christine

Wait?! What is Coupon Allstars Canada?

Its only the biggest announcement I have been keeping a secret for WAY too long!

Coupon Allstars Canada was an idea that my team here at Coupon Christine conceived months ago when we realized we couldn’t ever possibly do the amazing work we do for Ontario couponers for other provinces.  We are constantly asked “When will you do match-ups like you do for Ontario flyers for AB? They are the best I have seen online!” or “Is this coupon available in my province?” , well here is our solution.

We have scoured our fan base and found amazing women that have decided they too would LOVE to help their provinces coupon and save cash just like I do for Ontario couponers @ CouponChristine.com.

HEADS UP!  Each Couponer has both a Website and a Facebook Fan Page – remember to check both :)

  • CouponNannie – Dana is our Nova Scotia/PEI and NFLD couponer – she brings YEARS of experience along with being our resident ‘inside scoop finder’ woman (Facebook fan page for Coupon Nannie – LIKE IT HERE)
  • NBCouponClipper – Tina is our New Brunswick couponer – she brings years of experience as well and has so many ideas to share with you about how save even more in your province! (Facebook fan page for NBCouponClipper – LIKE IT HERE)
  • ABCouponers – Holly and Roberta are our Alberta couponer – they work as a team and will make sure you are in the KNOW about stacking and saving tons of cash in their province. (Facebook fan page for ABCouponers – LIKE IT HERE)

Each website/Facebook fanpage will be unique so feel free to ADD US ALL!  We work as a team here at Coupon Allstars Canada – but we also bring a unique flares to each of our websites and facebook pages.  Also go check out EACH website NOW cause there is TONS of  stuff already posted

What you can expect in the future from us will be:

* Coupon Match-ups for every province like the ones you have seen and loved at CouponChristine.com

* Best places to buy meat, produce, diapers, pop and tp in your provinces

* Workshop information from each province as well as coupon swaps

AND the best part is .…Exclusive deals, coupons and freebies that are exclusive for YOUR province.

Exciting? HECK YEAH!  I have been keeping this top secret for months and could NOT wait for the day we would announce it.

AND don’t forget to add us all to your Facebook – we all have FAN pages so you are up to date the minute we post something!  Just click on the LIKE at the top of the Website to add us to your Facebook 

So go check it out – what are you waiting for:) Go over and SAY HI!

CLICK HERE —-> Coupon Allstars Canada HERE WE COME!



Are you interested in being a part of the Coupon Allstars team? We are still looking for couponers to help build our British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec websites – if you are interested in discussing this amazing opportunity where you can help others and earn a little bit of spending money – contact me at Christine@CouponChristine.com.



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