Flyer Coupon Match Ups March.8-March.14 NB



3 Day sale march 8,9,10

Kraft Peanut Butter-$3.99(-$1.00 Coupon)=$2.99(good deal)

All week sale

Scotts sponge towel-$4.77(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$3.77

Janes Chicken-$5.99(-$2.00 Coupon RARE)=$3.99

Chapmans Ice cream and bars-2 for $7.00(-$5.00 Mailout)=$2.00 for 2

Super fries-$2.50(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$1.50

Artic Gardens mixed veggies-$2.79(-$1.00 Go Coupon)=$1.79

Eggos-2 for $5.00(-.50 Tear Pad)=2 for $4.00

Coffee mate-$3.99(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$2.99

Cool Whip-$2.99(-$1.00 Printable Coupon)=$1.99

Freebreeze room stray,car freshner-$2.99(-buy 3 save $5.00)=3 for $4.00

Allbran Cereal-$3.99(-$1.00 Printable Coupon)=$2.99

Danone Activa Yogurt-$2.99(-$1.00 mailout Booklet)=$1.99

Maricle Whip-$2.99(-$1.00 Coupon)=$1.99

Soft Soap Pumps-$2.00(-Save $1.00 Insert)=$1.00 each



Starts March.9 Saturday

Dove Shampoo-$2.98(-$3.00 Printable)=FREE

Tampax and Always-$2.99(-Buy 2 save $3.00 Mail out)=$3.00 for 2

Tide-$5.99(-$1.00 P&G Coupon)=$4.99

Cheerios-$1.99(-.75 and websaver coupon)=$1.24 each

Colgate 360 tooth brushes-$3.99(-$1.50 coupon)=$2.50 each

Lysol-Foam HEALTHY TOUCH Recharge Refill Hand Soap-$3.99(various coupons)

Live Clean Handsoap-$3.99(-$1.00 Coupon Insert)=$2.99

Childrens Motrin-$8.99(-$2.00 Tear pad)=$6.99(plus 1000 points)

Breath Right Strips-2 for $10.00(-$2.00 mailout)=2 for $6.00

Poise freshen up line-BOGO $10.99 each(-$1.00 mailout)=$9.99 for2

Pampers baby wipes 64 count-$2.99( Coupons out there)


3 Pack Scrubbing bubbles-$5.98(-$1.00 Insert)=$4.98

5 pack Of trashies-$5.00 Reg $6.99

VH Steamers-$3.00(-$1.00 Coupon)=$2.00

6 Pack Coke cola-$2.97 No Coupon but good buy

Snack pack-$3.00(-75 coupon tear Pad)=$2.25



Fruitis Shampoo-$2.99(-$1.00 Coupon)=$1.99

Dove 4 Soap bar-2 for $3.00(-Printable $2.00 Coupon)=FREE

hertz Cleaner-$1.99

Dole Right Bites-2 for $4.00(=.75 Tear Pad Coupon)=$3.50 for 2

Gold Fish-2 for $5.00(-.50 Tear Pad)=2 for $4.00

Glade Candles-$3.99(-bogo Websaver)=$2.00 each

Glade freshmatic-$8.99(-$5.00 websaver and$3.99

Garnier Nutrisse-$7.49(-$2.00 Tear Pad)=$5.49



68 count Sunlight Clean Pacs-$11.00(-$3.00 coupon)= $8.00

Kraft Cheeze Whiz-$5.47(-$1.50 coupon)=$3.97

Goldfish-$2.50(-.50 Tearpad)=$2.00

Centrum select-$10.96(-$3.00 Coupon)=$7.96

Disney Gummies-$.6.47(-$1.00  Coupon Insert)=$4.47



Carnatiom canned Milk-4 for $5.00(-$1.00 Coupon from Booklet)=$1.00 for 4 Cans

Kraft BBQ Sauce-.99(not sure if there are coupons)

Campbells Soup .55 no Coupon

Nutri Grain Bars-$2.00(-$1.00 Printable)=$1.00

LogoAtlanticSaveEasy (1)


Wonder Bread-2 for $5.00($2.00 wub 2$3.00 for 2

All honey bunches of Oats-$2.49(-$1.00$1.49

Cashmere Double TP-$3.99(Coupon not sure)


6 Pack coke or Pepsi-$2.00 No Coupon but good deal!!!

Philly Chip Dip-$2.00(-$1.00 Coupon)=$1.00

Nordic Cottage cheese-$2.00 (-$1.00 )=$1.00

BD Cheese Strings-$2.00(-.75 tear Pad)=$1.25

Dole right Bites-$2.00(-.75 Tear Pad)=$1.25

Resolve $2.00(-$1.00 Insert)=$1.00

Smuckers Jam-$2.00(-$1.00 smuckers booklet)=$1.00

Pampers Wipes-$2.00 ( various coupons)




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