Fredericton NB Zeller`s Closing March.14,2013

I was at Zellers this evening to see how much of their stuff was left and also to see how much marking down was down snice I was last there. Right now all food and laundry soap and cleaning supplies are still 25% odd but Toys,clothes,Self care Supplies are all 60 Percent off. Some items are as High as 80 Percent off.

images (65)There is also a Ton of Pallets of Tide left. So If anyone sees these prices drop even more please let us know.

You are still able to use Coupons on all these great deals.

Also Zeddy`s are marked down to $3.99. These are a really nice keep sake for your child and a great deal also.

4 thoughts on “Fredericton NB Zeller`s Closing March.14,2013

  1. Ann Thibault

    Our Zellers was SUPPOSED to close March 13th But just after the new year they started marking nearly everything down 80%..(large bags of chips were 23 cents)…got some GREAT buys, the next week I could not go, but they were down to 90% discount and the following week….everything for UP TO $2!!!!! The store has now opened as a BAY outlet store with mainly clothing that does not sell in downtown Vancouver….Some of the staff has been re-hired. The thrill of the deals is just not there though….price matching+ senior discount+coupons……those were the days!!!!

  2. Bettie

    I have gone in a few times since they started clearing things out (our northside location is already gone and southside closes soon), but what I noticed is that yes they are marking things at 50-80% off, but a LOT of thier merchandise has been increased in value before the discounts have been applied. For example: Charmin Extra strong toilet paper that usually runs at MOST $13 for a large bag had a “reg retail price” of 19.99!! So much for the savings…..I saw this on several items, and commented to my hubby who just shrugged, but a lady next to me said “I was thinking the same thing!!” So you might get some good deals, just be careful its as good a deal as they are letting on that it is!!

  3. Nadeem Athar

    Since the north side Zellers is currently out of business ( I’m a resident of Fredericton’s north side by the way) and since tomorrow is supposed to be the last opening day for south side Zellers I wonder if Wal Mart is going to reap the rewards of more patrons frequenting and for that matter shopping at the store(s) (at least Fredericton area Wal Marts in this case) when it comes to department store shopping or even browsing.

    Understandably there is a bit of sadness with this of chain of events (if I utilized the correct expression) but yet I can’t wait till Target opens come late 2013 but it’s unfortunate that the former north side Zellers is not scheduled to convert to Target and it’s also unfortunate that the Target Corporation has no plans to take over Zellers in Bathurst (my former hometown and birthplace).Finally I hope (I mentioned it before in another article) that the Target Canada chain will serve popcorn in their cafeterias like what you’ll find at Target stores in the States and perhaps also feature Star Bucks coffee shops like what you’ll find at the Target USA chain once again which reminds me that on my most recent trip to the States I basically made it a point to treat myself to popcorn but actually and most of the time I treated myself to Starbucks coffee. So that’s the thing if I can’t always afford or choose not to always shop at Target at least the popcorn and Star Bucks coffee was an incentive for me to be a patron at Target.

    • tina Post author

      I didnt know that there wasnt going to be a Target over on the North side. I just figured they would be putting one in where the other one was shut down. Iv heard alot of people say so far that the prices in Target in Canada are a lot higher than the states. The one main thing Im interested in when it comes to Target is there new Coupon Policy and where 2 Different coupons can be used on one item.

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