Free Programs And Services For Special Needs Children In New Brunswick

I`m a Mother of 2 sweet boys Caleb and William. My oldest Caleb has Mild To modern Autism. WE first heard the word autism 1 week after his 3rd Birthday. I didnt have doctors inform me on any of the information Iv stated below. I had to find all of this out on my own and go from there. I had help from fellow friends with Special needs Children and early Intervention. I decided to write a blog post on information that might help you if you are also a Parent who has Heard the words Autism for the first time or a parent dealing with a child with another disability.

images (92)Special Needs Program- My Son Caleb Has been involved with the Special Needs program for the past 8 years. They help pay for his Respite,Gas Money For Doctors appointments, recreation activities , One  On One Worker In the summer and Diapers & Wipes when he needed them. You dont have to be on Assistance to have your Child IN this service. If you do make over a certain amount of money you are required to pay a FEE,which isnt much we pay $40.00 Per month. A lot of Parents with Special needs Children don,t know about this program. I myself found out about this program from another family I met,I didnt find out by a doctor.

Child Disability Benefit- This is a extra amount that is added on to your Family Allowance cheque every month. This is something that was a 1 year Process for us and also waiting Period. Lots of Papers have to be filled out by your doctor and also different type of proof of your Child`s Disability. Also there is a Lump some of Money that is refunded to you once the Government Determines by information sent to them from doctors when your child developed their disability. With our Son Caleb they went back to birth but its not always the case in some family`s.

Tax Return Benefit Credit- When we first went threw all of the Legal paper owrk threw the Government we also had to go back 4 years threw our taxes and have everything Revised and Up to date. There was also a lunp some that we got back also which came a few months later with the Family Allowance

The Government Provides $2000.00 a month until the Child is of 5 Year of Age of reaches School. You do not see this money as its put into Therapy for your Children so they are able to have up to 20 hours a week ABA Therapy or Therapy depending on the disability. Also all of the testing was paid by the government out of this lump some, but remember in order for this to happen the child has to be under 5.


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    don’t forget that for those whose kids are reaching the age of 18, to apply for the Disability Support Payments. Contact Social Development for going through the process

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