4 thoughts on “Free Weed Be Done @ Walmart This Week!!!!!

  1. Serena

    On the front of the coupon for Weed B Gon $10 off says any size, but the small print says 1L or 500ml.. We looked every where and can only find 709ml.. As well so no space for 1L or 500ml.. Please if you could let me know if and where I can find the right product,…Thank You!

    • tina Post author

      A lady from Ontario has found the right size of this product ,that also applys with the coupon,500ML So it is out there, but only some stores carry that size.

  2. Kelly

    I wanted to use 2 coupons for the $10 off the Weed B Gone and Wal Mart would not let me use the 2 coupons. I told the cashier I would dd 2 different transactions, and she said that it wouldn’t matter. I can only use one becasue Wal Mart wouldn`t recieve their money back for both coupons becasue they have have same bar code. I told the lady that others have bought 10 bottles all at one at Wal Mart and the coupons were accepted! I was NOT a happy customer!

    • tina Post author

      Even tear pads have the same upc and you are able to use more than one. Only time stores put up a stink if it says One her customer, or per transaction.

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