One Thing people ask to when then they see my Coupon binder is`Do you save any money?” I always say yes ,it has saved me thousands of dollars over the Past 2 half years.


This was my second Couponing Shop ever, I was so proud that day coming out of the store getting this stuff for under $8.00. I felt almost guilty like I robbed the store because it didnt rob with wallet like it did before buying these brand named items. This was the shop that still has me hooked to this day.

first shop ever

Purex 1.50
bathroom spray 1.23
pitstick 0.50cents
dippity doo 0.17
Axe 2.00
cat treat FREE
Mouthwash o.33cents
total=under 8 bucks

When I first Started Couponing it wasnt so easy, but I started out in small shops just using a few coupons and clearance sales. Once I got enough coupons and was used to all of the prices and sales I started doing bigger shops. It started from saving $10.00 to with 2 months I was save $50.00.

I remember the days When i was paying Full price for all of my cleaning and self care items. I always bought store brand or no name. These days I buy tons of Brand name and Fancy Cleaners,Self Care items and food etc for more than .50 Less than what I did before I started Couponing. Here are some tips to get you on your way to a New Life of saving money and having fun:

My first tip is to START SMALL – start by price matching, shave off a few dollars here and there and by the time you do this for a few weeks, you feel ready to take on couponing along side of price matching.  Try collecting a few coupons on the items you would typically purchase on a weekly basis for your home (toilet paper, eggs, milk, bread, cheese).  It is an amazing feeling to save $10-$20 off your bill the first time you go and you become very comfortable with couponing.

Second tip is DO NOT SHOP DURING PEAK HOURS – not only do you feel overwhelmed, but so do the people behind you.  Go when its not busy (like a Saturday afternoon) and tell customers behind you that you are couponing and price matching

Third tip is TELL CASHIER WHAT YOU ARE DOING AHEAD OF TIME – if you are price matching and couponing, ask the cashier how she/he would like you to set up the items – does he/she want the coupons on top of the products? at the end? It always works in your favour to be pleasant and to work WITH the cashiers and not against them

Fourth tip is to COUPON FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE. If you don’t have the room, space or money for 18 jugs of laundry soap, don’t splurge just because its on sale and you have a $2 off coupon.  Often times you will see another great sale in a few months and still have coupons to use.  I know this cause I have seen this happen to me all the time.