How To Price Match Canada Wide At Walmart

downloadI have a lot of people asking me how do you ad match Canada wide at Walmart, So I think its about time I post a few tips to help other learn.

1) Not all Walmart Stores will ad match Canada wide So ask your local Walmart before you try.

2)Search Canada wide for deals in flyers all over Canada using: or salewhale.

3) Take screen shots of hot deals you find with your tablet,I pod,I pad, or cell phone using any of the following apps:, Reebee,Flipp,

4)All screenshots must have Name of store,date,product,size and price.Here is a example of a screen shot below.

5) Save all screen shots in your photo gallery.

6) Show cashier these screen shots BEFORE she rings each product threw.(also Give coupons at this time if you have any)

7)Be kind and patient with cashier in case she or he is match

Here is a few pointers for finding hot deals on items Canada wide:

1)Join facebook groups with others from different provinces.

2)Check out flyers all over Canada using Flyer apps.

3) Join our Group and please help out Join here\


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