Look Whats Back!!!! FREE CASES OF Nestea TIME!!!



When I saw this in the flyer, I almost fell over. Last summer I was able to score over 20 cases of FREE Iced Tea,well I payed taxes only.

For those that are new to Couponing. There is a Coupon Found In special marked Boxes that contain a free Product coupon for Iced tea 12 pack!!


Keep an eye out all over East Coast Provinces for special Marked boxed. Its gonna be a great summer!!!!! This a Free Product Coupon deal you dont wanna miss out on!!!

9 thoughts on “Look Whats Back!!!! FREE CASES OF Nestea TIME!!!

  1. Stella

    Hey NB Couponer,

    can you tell me what flyer that is from? is it this week? just wondering so I can check the flyers in Toronto to see if we will get the same great deal?


  2. Melissa Downey

    Awesome deal! My favourite iced tea! Thanks for the heads up! Just a quick question though – what’s the best way to take advantage of this deal? Grab a cart full, take it to the cash and pay for the first one, cut out the coupon and pay for the second, etc. – each one a separate transaction? Would love to know how you did this the last time around – I’m all about the logistics! :) I know how frustrated other customers can get if they get stuck behind me for a regular shopping trip with all of my coupons and price matching. What’s the best way to do this?

    • tina Post author

      I just got 2 at a time,went out to the car,busted the boxes open and tock 2 more in but I know there are easier ways to do it lol.

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