My Forever Dream Of Stacking……..

images (63)A lot of you from NB And other Atlantic Provinces I bet have this same dream as I do.

Walking into a Store and grabbing some of the Sales and heading to the checkout with the ability to use More than one Coupon on an item. This is something Iv wanted to do for sssooo long now and to make my dream come true at this moment would be to drive all the way to Alberta,B.C or Manitoba.

But I have the hopes of the Target opening up in my area in the fall and they do allow stacking as long as the UPC Codes are different. I might need more tips from my out west ladies but Im so excited for it and cant wait to seek that long awaited dream as I get so envious of others able to do this.

If you have any stacking tips please comment below to us us Atlantic Folks be ready when our time comes.

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