My Fresh Points Review, Tips And Tricks

logo (2)Iv been using this App for almost a week now. It was love at first sight. Iv been scanning everything in my home and also taking lots of pictures and doing lots of rating on products and sharing it with friends on both Facebook and twitter for extra points.

I use this App on my Sons I pad Iv maxed out my New Product upload until the week week begins on Friday So Im going to stop for a few days as I don`t want to miss out on any points.

Here are a few Tips i have learned from personal use.

1)One you have maxed out and its tell you so you should wait until new week So you don`t miss out on points.

2) Be in a well lighted room or use flash where it says to on the app

3) If you do that and still hold the product still and nothing happens excited out of the program and then go back and try again. This is what I do when the Scan does not go threw for one of my items.

4) Make sure all your personal info is correct. My email address was wrong and couldnt figure out why I was getting confirmation emails from them about the gift cards to redeemed.

5) If you are having problems with logging in of you notice a bug or defect with the app simply delete App and reinstall it. I had to do this twice.

If this is New to you and you want to get in on the fun read this:

Earn points with your groceries – any product, any store. It’s rewards, refreshed. Available in theApp Store

Important: Where it asks for your Promotional Code when you sign up you must put   nbcouponclipper(nospaces)

Easy to use!! **

FreshPoints is Canada’s first mobile rewards program! Unlike other loyalty programs FreshPoints is completely flexible; it doesn’t matter where you shop because you can earn points with any product from any grocery store.

Collect FreshPoints instantly by scanning the barcodes of your grocery items, by rating and reviewing those items, and by sharing your thoughts over Facebook and Twitter. You even earn FreshPoints by creating an account, by checking in at your favourite grocery stores and by scanning bonus items. With endless ways to collect, FreshPoints allows you to earn great rewards faster such as free coffee, groceries, gas and more! You can even hit check in on your app when you enter the store and score points  thank you Coupon nannie for telling about this amazing app

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