NB Coupon Match UPs for Flyers Friday Oct.19-Thursay Oct.25

Delissio Pizza-$4.49(-2.00 Coupon)=$2.49

Christie Cookies-$2.00(.75 whats Coupon Coupon)=$1.25

Catelli Smart pasta-$1.47(-1.00 websaver coupon)=.47 great BUY

Yogurt tubes and Mini Go-$2.00(-.50 tearpad)=$1.50

Glad Cling Wrap-$1.00(I know there is a coupon for this but hard to find)

Schick Hydro Silk Womans razor-$9.00(-$4.00)=$5.00

Irish Spring Bodywash-$3.94(-$2.00 insert Coupon)=$1.94

Head and Shoulders Shampoo-$3.97(-bogo Insert)=$1.98 good Buy

Listerine Smart rinse for Kids-$4.77(-$4.00 On product coupon)=.77

Hamburger Helper-$1.67 No coupon but good deal

64 Load Gain $6.47(save $2.00 wub2)=$5.47 each Christie`s Cookies 3 for $5.00(whats cooking Coupons Save $2.00 wub2) .75 off Cookies and Snack packs. (3 days only)

All Pepsi products 2L-.99(buy 4 Crush save$2.00)=.50 a bottle

Iogo Drinkable Yogurt-$1.00(coupon zone coupon $1.00)=FREE,.75 tear pad Coupon=.25

Philly Chip Dip-$1.99 not sure what is out there for coupons for this but Its a good deal.

Chapmans-$3.99(-$5.00 mailout)=FREE

MCcain Superfries-$2.79($1.00 tearpad)=$1.79

Bicks Pickles-$2.99-(.50 tearpad)=$2.50

Cheerio`s -$4.49(-$1.00 websaver coupon)=$3.49

Orville Popcorn 2 for $7.00($2.00 Coupon from popboxes)=$1.50 each

Axe Body wash and Spray-$3.99(-buy 2 Axe products get free hair style product.

%20 off Scrubbing bubbles Kits and refill Kits-(various insert coupons)

Hungry man-$2.49(-.35 mailout)=$2.25

Belvita breakfast Bars-$2.50(-$1.00 coupon)=$1.50

VH sauce $2.50(various coupons) Panebello Pizza-Reg $6.49BoGo(-$2.00 save.ca)=$2.49 each other coupond also threw save.ca

Energizer Batteries-Reg$8.99BoGo(-$1.00 tearpad)=$3.50 each

Pam cooking spray-$4.29(-$1.00 treapad)=$3.29

Carnation hot chocolate 700ml-$3.99(-50 tearpad)=$3.49

Bens hots and Hams Buns-Reg$3.99BoGO(-.50 tearpad)=$1.50 each Gain Pringles-.99 no coupon but great buy

Energizer Batteries-$4.97(-$1.00 teatpad)=$3.97

Palmolive dish soap-$1.99(-$1.00 insert)=.99 Honey bunches of oats-

$2.99(-$1.00 save.ca coupon)=$1.99

Febreeze-$2.97(-$1.00 p&g Coupon)=$1.97


                                                 Saturday Oct.20-Friday Oct.26


Arm and Hammer laundry Soap-$2.99(bogo websaver)=$1.50

Head and shoulders shampoo-$3.99(-bogo insert)=$1.97

Crush 6 packs-2 for $5.00(tearpad 2.00 off wub 2)=$1.50 each


Bens bread-$2.29($1.00 websaver)=$1.29

Tampax Tampons-$2.99(-.50 p&g coupon)=$2.50

Olay body wash-$3.49(-3.00 wub 2)=$1.99 each

Palmolive dishsoap(little ones)-.99($1.00 company mailout)=FREE

%25 off Zantac(-$3.00 tearpad)

Band-aid brand Band-aids-$3.99(-$2.00 Company mail out)=$1.98

Bear Paws-$2 for $5.00(various Coupons)

Mr.Clean-$2.99(-1.50 wub2 p&g coupon)=$22.4 each

Vim spray Cleaner-$3.99(-$1.00 insert)=$2.99

Bear paws 2 for $5.00(save 3.00 wub4)=$3.50 for all 3 boxes

Black Diamond Cheese Strings-$2.99(-.75 tearpad Coupon)=$2.24

Hellmann`s Mayonnaise-$4.49(-$1.00 tearpad)=$3.49

Herbal Essences Shampoo-$2.99(-bogo insert)=$1.50

Aussie Shampoo-$2.99(-bogo insert)=$1.50

Schick Quatro disposable razors-$6.99(-$3.00 websaver )=$3.99

Clover leaf new Tomato dried and other kinds-$1.99(-$1.00 websaver)=.99

Purex-$4.44(-41.00 mailout or Printable)=$3.44






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      Thank you So much. It does take a lot of hard work doesnt it. But its worth it every second of my time if I know its going to help others save time and $$$$. Have a nice day.

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