New Brunswick Coupon Match ups for Dec.28-Jan.3

Top dogs-$2.99(-.50 Tear Pad)=$2.49

Johnsonville Sausages-$3.99(-$1.00 mail out)=$2.99

Wong Wing Oriental appetizers-$9.99(-Shoppers Voice Coupon Buy 2 Save $3.00)=$8.49 each

Nutri Grain Bars-$2.50(-$1.00 websaver Coupon)=$1.50

Sunlight Laundry Soap-$4.99(-$1.50 Coupon)=$3.49

Club House Seasonings and gravy mix-.99(-buy 2 get one FREE Coupon or Tear Pad)=3 packs for $1.98

Tostitos chips and Salsa-$3.00(-$2.00 Peelie wub chips save $2.00 on salsa)=$4.00 for Both chips and salsa

Smuckers Jam-$3.49(-$1.00 booklet Coupon)=$2.49

Motts Fruitsations fruit rockets-$2.00(-.50 Tear Pad)=$1.50

Wong Wing eggs Rolls-$3.99(-Save $3.00 wub 2 Shoppers Voice Coupon)-

$2.49 each


Charmin bathroom tissue-$4.79(-$1.00 P&G Coupon)=$3.79 12 Double rolls

Bounty paper towel 6 rolls-$4.79(-$1.00 P&G Coupon)=$3.79 6 Rolls

Kraft Singles cheese slices-(-$1.50 Tear Pad)=.99(white only)

Kraft Cheez Whiz-$2.99(-$1.50 Coupon)=.99 WOW STOCK UP

Coca-Cola or Pepsi soft drinks-.99 NO COUPON BUT GOOD DEAL-4 DAY SALE
December 28/29/30/31 STOCK UP

Christie crackers-$1.88(-.75 munchables)=$1.13 each STOCK UP

Humpty Dumpty party Mix and others-$2.00 NO COUPON BUT GOOD DEAL

Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese-$2.99(-$1.00 SAVE.CA)=$1.99

McCain Superfries-$2.79(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$1.79

Wong Wing entrées-$3.99(SV save $3.00 wub 2)=$2.49 each

Pedigree dog food-$16.99(-$3.00 Tear pad)=$13.99

Tide Pods 14-$4.99(-$1.00 P&G Coupon)=$3.99

Catelli Smart, Bistro, Healthy Harvest-$1.67(-$1.00 websaver Coupon)=.67 each WOW STOCK UP

Miracle Whip-$2.99(-$1.00 coupon)=$1.99 WOW STOCK UP

Bens bread-$2.00(-$1.00 websaver Coupon)=$1.00 Loaf  WOW STOCK UP

pudding Snack packs(12)-$2.99(-.75 Tear Pad)=$2.24WOW STOCK UP

Habanero Kraft shredded Cheese-$6.49(-$3.00 Coupon)=$3.43

Arm and Hammer laundry Soap-$3.99(-$1.00 Insert)=$2.99

Corn Flakes and Fruit loops-$2.49(-$1.00 Websaver Coupon)=$1.49(WOW STOCK UP)

Superfries-$2.99(-$1.00 Coupon)=$1.99(cheaper at superstore)


Nutri Grain Bars-$2.00(-$1.00 Websaver Coupon)=$1.00 WOW STOCK UP

Chrsities Cookies and crackers-$2.00(.75 Coupons)=$1.25

Oikos Yogurt-$3.47(-.50 Tear Pad)=$2.97

Chrsities Crispers-$1.25(-.50 Tear Pad)=.75 or .75 Whats cooking mag Coupon to make it .50

Kraft Peanut Butter-$4.97(-$1.00 Coupon)=$3.97

Different Air wick Kits-$4.97(-Save $5.00 wub $10.00 on Air products)=$4.97 for 2 Kits(Also watch out for Holiday kits that are 50% off,you will get them almost for free.

Fantasik and Scrubbing Bubbles trigger-$1.97(-$1.00 Coupon or b0go)=.97 o

Ziploc Baggies-$2.50(-Save 2 save 1.00 websaver Coupon)=$2.00 each(watch out for coupons on these boxes for bigger savings.

Old spice body wash-$2.00(-P&G Coupon buy 2 save $3.00)=.50 each WOW STOCK UP





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