New Brunswick`s Coupon Flyer Match-Ups For April.5-April.11

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Christie Cookies-2 for $4.00(-Whats Cooking Mag .75 Coupon)=$2.50 for 2

Wing Wong Entrees-$3.99(-$3.00 WUB2 Mailout)=$4.78 for 2

Bolt House Farms Juice-$3.99(-$1.00 Mailout)=$2.99

Wonder Bread-2 for $5.00(-$2.00 WUB2 save .ca)=$3.00 for 2



Aylmers Tomato`s-$1.00(-$1.00 WUB2 Tear Pad)=.50 each

Snack pack Pudding-$3.00(-.75 Tear Pad)=$3.25

Arm and Hammer tooth paste-$2.29(-$1.00 Insert)=$1.29



Silhoutte Yogurt-$4.97(-$1.50 tear Pad)=$3.47

Michelina`s Entrees-$1.00(-.50 Mailout)=.50

McCains pizza pockets or Mini Pizzas-$2.00 NO COUPON BUT GOOD DEAL

Black Diamond cheese strings-$4.97(-.75 Tear Pad)=$4.22

Clorox Spray-$2.97(-$1.00 Printable)=$1.97

Gain Laundry Soap-

French`s Mustard-$1.77(-.75 Insert)=$1.02

Iogo Yogurt-$3.97(-.75 Tear Pad)=$3.22

Mio-$3.49(-$1.00 Tear Pad)=$2.49

Colgate optic white tooth paste-$1.97 not sure if there is still a coupon for this

crest 3d white-$1.97 p&g coupons

Listerine-$4.97(-$1.00 Printable)=$3.97


Lean Ground Beef $2.49Lb – Use $3.00 Coupon from Hamburger Helper box.

Eco Studs(potatoes)-$1.99 for a 10LB Bag

Chapmans Ice cream and Novelties-$2.50(-$5.00 MailOut)=2 for Free and Only one is Your Sobeys wont.

Blue Diamond Almonds-$3.99 (-.75 mailout)=$3.24

Artic Gardens Frozen Veggie-$2.99(-$1.00 Mailout)=$1.99

Mr.Clean with Gain-$3.49(-Save $2.50 WUB2 Insert from P&G)=$4.48 for 2

Olay body wash-$3.99(-$2.00 P&G Insert)=$2.00 each

Gain laundry soap-$3.49(-$2.50 WUB2 P&G Insert)=$4.48

Colgate toothpaste-$1.19(-$1.00 Mailout)=.19 WOW



McCain Rising Crust, Thin Crust-$3.99

Scrubbing Bubbles toilet bowl cleaner-$2.99(BOGO Insert)=$1.50 each

Windex glass cleaner 765/950 mL-$2.99(Buy 2 save $2.00 Insert)=$4.00 for 2

Febreze Air Effects-$2.99(-BUy 2 save $3.00 P&G coupon)=$3.00 for 2

Colgate 360° Optic White toothbrush-$3.99(-$1.50 Coupon from dentist office)=$2.50

Kraft Miracle Whip-$2.99(-$1.00 coupon)=$1.99



Dove Soap Bar-2 for $3.00(-Save $2.00 wub 2 Insert)=$1.00 for 2

Playtex tampons- 2 for $5.00(not sure if there is a coupon for these)

Listerine-$4.99(-$1.00 Printable)=$3.99

Scotts paper towel-$1.99(not sure if there is a coupon)

Old spice-$2.99(-$3.00 wub2 P&G insert)=$3.00 for 2

Aspirin-$3.49(-$2.00 Printable Coupon)=$1.49

Zantac-$10.99(-$3.00 TearPad)=$8.99(big pack)





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