Iv Come up with a great idea for all of us to Trade Coupons LIVE IN groups or One on one NO MATTER where we live In Canada.

All you Need is a MIC And Webcam to join in on the fun but even if you dont have those you can still type in the box to communicate with others.

I will be doing mini teaching classes for New Couponers FREE OF CHARGE.

Also Coupon Trading In groups up to 12-20

Click Here to Check out the New Couponing Room.

Password is tina

8 thoughts on “NEW COUPONING LIVE TRADING!!!!!

    • tina Post author

      I have been Couponing for over 2 and half years now. This website has been up and running for the last year and 3 months. I just started doing Coupon classes in my area. The live Couponing trading and Classes are great for people too far away to go to their homes.

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