NEW HOT Tear Pad Coupon Giveaway AND THE WINNER IS……………


AND THE WINNER FOR THESE COUPONS ARE Gladys Warren. Please sendme your address so we can get these coupons send out to you. Thank you to everyone who entered.



I had a Lucky Mail day to everyone and want to share some of these hot NEW TEAR PADS and snice everyone is giving stuff away I want to also. One lucky person will WIN these Coupons all you have to do is comment Below this Picture here on my website and tell me Why you LOVE coupons. This Closes at 10pm tonight.


116 thoughts on “NEW HOT Tear Pad Coupon Giveaway AND THE WINNER IS……………

  1. Angie Doucet

    I looooveee coupons because it saves me a lot of money and gets me to try new stuff :) I also love coupons for the rush I get when I get all these free stuff or good deals :) Gotta love couponing!!!!

  2. Shelley L

    I love coupons as firstly they help me save money on things I buy and secondly you can often get products for almost nothing when they go on sale and you use a coupon.

  3. josie

    Hey! I loveee your giveaways! I love coupons because you end up saving money on items youd buy or need anyways, It makes me feel good even if i just end up saving 0.50 its that much more in my pocket.The first time I ever used a coupon was last year the chapmans 5$ coupons, and the ice cream was on special for 3.99 and i couldnt believe I had gotten the ice cream for free and sobeys had paid me 1.01! Ive been hooked ever since. I honestly think i Love coupons for the way i feel after I use them!

  4. Tina Chouianrd

    I love coupons so much as it helps me save on my grocrey budget that I am able to take my kids out and do stuff with them. My kids love the fact that I can do something special with them once a month with the money I save.

  5. Chantal Beauseigle

    i love coupons because i can save money on all the brand names and not have to buy no name stuff :) i love seeing how much i save every time i shop :)

  6. Erin Brayshaw

    I love couponing because saving money is saving money no matter how small the amount. It all adds up sooner or later!!! I love a good deal!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  7. Crystal

    My sister got me into couponing ,I love searching for the beast deals on items I use everyday. I love looking at my receipts and seeing how quickly they can add up. I am expecting a baby in July and already have a closet stocked with diapers and wipes all from which I have used coupons to get at a better deal! :) Thank you for sharing your extra coupons with the rest of us :)

  8. Melissa D

    I love coupons because they have allowed me to be off on maternity leave with my son! Things are starting to get tight, but thanks to couponing, I have a few things stockpiled, which should help!

  9. Denise Boudreau

    I love love love couponing because it allows me to get more for my buck, I have set a goal for this year to save an I am well on my way due to using coupons! My son even looks for cereal now that have a coupon on the box for his yogurts/toys!

  10. Crystal

    I LOVE coupons!!!!!! Having 4 small children anything I save from Couponing goes along way. Its nice to see how much you save everytime you use a coupon. It makes me so excited :) :) I will NEVER stop couponing!!!

  11. Jenn Holmes

    Couponing is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I started it at a time when money was real tight. I cannot believe the way it has changed my life. I am home on disability, and so I have lots of time for couponing, which I think makes me a specialist in saving :) Now, with a comfortable stockpile, I can go weeks without grocery shopping, and when I do, it’s hardly a dent in my budget.

  12. lornar couponer

    coupons help my family – we can have a few extra $ for all the extras we want where if we paid full price for all our groceries – this would not happen – also nice to help out my family and friends

  13. kim davenport/weleewmn

    Not sure where I found the link.. but today I received my first Home Tester delivery!! I received a 200 gram box of MERCI chocolates, 8 BREATHE RIGHT strips, and 2 BIC Easy Glide pens. Sampled the chocolate first!! :-D Loved the mailman today.

    • kim davenport/weleewmn

      Love coupons, because I am on limited income.. ANY help to cut costs, is a treat, and used as often as possible. is almost becoming an obession, challenging myself to see how many deals I can find this week! Thank you for opportunity

  14. Stacey L

    I love coupons because I can save money, I stay within my budget and have extra money aside for a bad week. Love using coupons when items are on sale and saving so much more. We’re a family on 4 on one budget and every little bit of savings helps and goes a long way.

  15. Christine Hodge

    I love coupons because they really helped me and my family make it though when I lost my job and it took almost 4 months to receive any benefits. I learned so much from sites like yours that I made very few mistakes, got my binder up and running and now have a small stockpile of essential items for my family. Although I”m working again I still coupon, price match and visit your site regularly. Thanks for all you help.

  16. Lorna Brown

    It’s not only the fact that we will be saving well over $40 with these coupons, but they are coupons I will use in my everyday shopping, they won’t sit in my binder to expire. Thanks for the contest :)

  17. Cryssy Webber

    We love coupons cause they help free up a little money each trip giving us the money we need to be able to take our family of 6 out for supper once a month for some much needed time together as a family!

  18. Laurie

    I love coupons because it just makes sense to use them and save some money. It especially makes me happy when an item is on sale AND I have a coupon for it too!

  19. Charity Fancy

    Why do I love coupons?? For the obvious….to save money for my family of 4, but, as you know, being a parent you don’t usually have a lot of time to yourself for hobbies or exracurricular activities. I find couponing lets me have a “hobby” I enjoy and can focus on for a few hours a week….My Mummy Time That I Enjoy!!! Worth its weight in gold!!!

  20. Susan Sherwood

    Coupons are a way of saving money for my family, especially now that prices of items are increasing! I love sharing the ones I don’t need as I love to help others. Thanks for the contest!!

  21. lori mclean

    I love coupons cause on a tight budget it makes things easier especially when i have 2 children with their own families i like to try to help out also

  22. Sue Barkhouse

    Coupons not only help me and my family save money – coupons have brought me closer to a sisterhood of friends that are helping each other! It reminds me of the golden rule to do onto others as you would want them to do onto you!

  23. Amy

    I love coupons because it allows me to stretch my budget a little bit further, to be able to do things such as little outtings with my kids, that I probably wouldn’t be able to afford on maternity leave otherwise. As long as I have a roof over our heads and food on our table, I will do without the frills to be able to be home with my babies.

  24. dawn

    WHY???? WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!!! I think it is one of the BEST FREE ways to save…and save a TON of money! We are a one income family and to not coupon would be like not eating..or breathing! My husband is constantly amazed by home much I save our family day after day…he is VERY appreciative
    of the career I have carved out for myself…I am a Domestic Engineer! Coupons are my tools…and without my tools I can’t complete my job…and that is to save every penny I can!!!!!

  25. Vikee Foster

    I LOVE coupons because I can FINALLY afford to get a new place, help support my family (off the money saved using coupons) and now have a good supply in my stock pile to live off of for the next several months to a year :)

  26. Patti Anderson

    I love to coupon because of the money saving, being able to buy products I normally can’t afford at full price and best of all couponing with one of my best friends makes it sooo much fun. :)

  27. Gladys Warren

    I would love to win coupons, I really have no idea how people shop without them, I have been using them for years now, long before they were popular. With raising 2 children on my own and now with lovely grand children every penny counts. Thanks you for this chance to win.

  28. caryn

    I love using coupons. It helps support my large family (5 kids & 2 adults) I just recently started and I am in awe by everyones stock pile photos and cant wait to have my own:)

  29. sylvie schriver

    i love coupons because it helps a family of 4 with animals and 1 income. It is a good feeling to be able to stock up ahead in case something happens and be prepared and organized. I have never ever won anything and it would be so great to be able to do so.

  30. Laura Merrigan (peters)

    I love coupons because they can help save SOOO MUCH MONEY!! Also , all the wonderful people i have met through couponing makes it pretty grand too :)

  31. tina richardson

    I love coupons because it allows me to share more with my family, buy more fruit and veggies by saving money on the other things and I get to meet fab couponers in the stores and online! I would love to win! thx Tina

  32. Vicki

    I have always loved couponing, bought my first coupon folder proably almost 10 years ago. I love saving money and I love the hunt and challenge of finding new ocupons and the best deals.

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