NEW Shopper`s Voice Survey Is LIVE!!


The Shoppers voice survey is back up and you can now Do their survey again for the upcoming coupons and offers they have. And for people that dont know what this is Please read below.

Shopper’s Voice works with a selected number of trusted companies to find and send offers that are of interest to our survey respondents.  They will send you valuable offers, coupons and online research opportunities by email.

Please Click here to fill out the survey. Coupons can take up to 3 months to come.

2 thoughts on “NEW Shopper`s Voice Survey Is LIVE!!

    • tina Post author

      I have hread the same thing from alot of people. It not fair that some people get these coupons all the time and others have never recieved them. Mine tock almost 6 months to come and my mother still hasnt got hers.How long has it been snice you last ordered?

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