Nov.8-Nov.14 Hot Christmas Presents And Tips For your Kids That Are on Sale!!!!!



Great deal for this mini Wii that comes with Mario kart game also and Controller, On this week At Walmart!!!

Toys R Us Has The Hasbro You Draw on for $14.97(-$10.00 Coupon found in 6 packs or Orville Popcorn)=$4.97 thats one heck of a deal!!!!!


Click Here for toys Are us Toy Book!!

Toys r Us Weekly flyer click Here

I love this time of year as Im planning and shopping for lots of Goodies for my 2 sweet boys. My 2  sons are ages 5 And 10. I was kind of stumped this year on what to get them but have came across a few great sales and ideas which make it easier for me. With me I love filling under the tree with tons of presents but without draining every cent I have.

First off here is a few tips I use to get your money out of what you buy:

1) Watch flyers for BIG sales on toys,video games. Sometimes Canadian Tire,Toyr R Us and Walmart will have a few toys that are marked down weekly up to 50%.

2) Ebay Is another way last year that I saved over $500.00 on presents. I search all items I`m looking for and also add to wish and watch list. I click free shipping and international buying.I check daily on my items to see if I over out bidded. Iv scored lots of deals from hong kong also.

3)TOY COUPONS!!!!  last year I saved a ton of money using toys coupons from Websaver and also coupons found on products such as cereal boxes and Orville popcorn boxes.

4) Price matching!!!! If you have found other better deals in flyers that are not in your area then print off the flyer and price match to Target or Walmart.

5)If an item breaks right after Christmas keep slip and return it, even if you dont ahve a slip Walmart it take it back as long as you have the original boxing.

6)Shoppers Drug Marts Points!!!!!-Redeeming On big where you will get double the value of your points.


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