Nunavut Is Starving And We Think We Have it Hard

August 2012

This last year as Iv learned to coupon and save money I look back and wonder how I ever got by without them. I always think it cost so much for food,gas,kids stuff,clothes.But truthfully where we live Here in New Brunswick we dont have it that hard. Some people such as the people in Nunavut are starving themselves just so their children can eat. The cost of living there is so crazy one would wonder why these people stay,why dont they try to get the heck out of there.We need to think of a way to help these people. The pictures below Are from a facebook group Called Feeding my Family. They are the people of Nunavut sharing their story and hardships with the rest of canada, Something needs to be done And fast.

Here in Nb The most we would pay for juice like this would be $1.99 .Buying 5 of these in Nunavut would cost over


We have the same Juice here in Nb. The highest it would cost here would be $2.19. A lot of sales go on also when you can get it for $1.00. These people need to have major price drops. Something has to be done.


These same Janes chicken here in Nb at the most non sale price would be $10.99. I only buy them when they are on sale. This should be against the law to have such high food prices.

I got 9 Bags of these for using coupons yesterday. They were on for $2.00 and I had a $2.00 Coupon. These people are paying over $7.00 for one bag. This is so unfair. And there is no couponing allowed in Nunavut.

Tim Hortons should be ashamed of himself.


I had this province on my mind today for some reason and decided to go check in on the group Feeding My Family. There has been some progress made over the last few years in some ways. Looks like some families are finding cheaper prices on food while others are still paying way over top dollar. Some products they are buying too much for are even rotted or have blue mold on them. Here are from Pictures taken from the group to show you what I mean.



$104.01 for one Turkey!!!!! But they dont want them hunting seals!!!

expired coupons


Feb.20,2014 Comment on Feeding my family group.

There are times that we northerner’s don’t use coupons. Here is a fine example why.

This pic I took last night after shopping. These coupons expired on the 31st of December 2013.



Look for these at Northmart..just bought it tonight….
Strawberries: 2.50$
Peppers (bag of 3): 4.98$
Green apples ( 3lbs): 4.45$
Red Delicious apples (3lbs): 3.89$
Those were my cheap picks of the week  Enjoy



I get upset if I have to spend more than .50 on a box of pasta. I couldnt imagine paying $13.39 for a 900g box!



10007234_274112589418064_1060728849_n 1969242_1472206942991538_214669053_n 5765_10152340508867223_1183283617_n

It wasnt until this mother got home and started coking this chicken that she realized it had blue spots on it



Beef Outside round oven roast: 2.5lb. $40.39 in Clyde River’s northern store



I didnt notice this at first but followers did. 60 some dollars in Tabacco products but they call claim to be straving. This is the one thing I think seems fishy but I guess some people there do have money to spend but not all have the money to waste.


28 thoughts on “Nunavut Is Starving And We Think We Have it Hard

  1. gingermommy

    And I thought groceries in BC and Alberta were expensive! WOW! I avoid Janes when over $10 and I use coupons for everything. How can these families eat? Why is the government not stepping in? I doubt they have the income to even afford food this price. This has lit a fire and I am not happy. So sad

  2. Shallon

    Now i dont agree with the inflated prices but i also dint agree with posting a portion of a receipt that says u bought 25 items and spent over 260 when the last items on the receipt are 3 cartons of name brand cigarettes!!! That alone was over 60! And i can easily spend 200 on twenty something items if i have no coupons!!! And i was never able to afford name brand smokes when i was a smoker…

  3. Michelle

    It’s unfortunate that some mother’s feel they cannot eat becasue they can’t afford it but it looks like they can still smoke. As the receipt you have posted about the 25 items costing over $250, 1 of those items was Export A and 2 were Players rich flavor. Those 3 items alone were $74.78 plus tax. 22 items for about $180 is totally unreasonable depending on what the items are. I do agree however the other pictures posted are disgusting.

  4. Cindy

    Those prices are indeed ridiculous! BUT- If i were complaining about feeding my family – I wouldn’t post a receipt that only shows pop and cigarettes worth $80 of that bill.

  5. Erica

    I agree with the other posters here. Those prices are insane but the receipts for tobacco products just have to make you wonder how that is all working out. And, why are cigarette prices “normal” but the food prices are insane?!

  6. Scott

    I can’t believe there are places that close that have food prices that high. I’m sure it has to do with location, but $100+ for a turkey?! Oh yeah, ditto the thoughts on tobacco products – it’s all about making the right choices people.

  7. Beth

    Why is the cost of food so high? Importation? I agree that there’s no reason to live in a place where the cost of living is so high that you’re starving. Time to head South…

  8. Pam

    I had to look where Nunavut is and that gave me a little bit better understanding of the situation. Those really are high prices and not sure how people can afford to live there.

  9. erin

    Wowza! Those prices are insane. I had no idea. Is it because it’s so far away? Or everything has to be shipped in? I lived in Japan for a while and EVERYTHING was super expensive like that too.

  10. ali

    if ur saying ur spending 2000 dollars a mo and thts forcing u into proverty youre not poor because i live in fucking ontario and cant spend more than 100$ a mo on groceries these peoples food is expensive but it dosent mean they are poor being poor is going without these people just have it rough…but they aint poor.. especially if its only “setting them back” but if plane tickets r the same price as their food maybe they should buy one a gtfo

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