Price Match Ups for Aug.31 to Sept.6

General Mills Cheerios or Post Honey Bunches of Oats, Shreddies and Sweet Kids260-550 g, selected varieties-$1.99($1.00 websaver coupon)=$.99

Cashmere bathroom tissue,12 double rolls, SpongeTowels Ultra 6’s or Scotties facial tissue 6’s, selected varieties-$4.99($1.00 websaver coupon)=$3.99

Wonder+ bread,selected varieties 570 g-$2.49(save $1.00wub 2 tearpad)=$1.99 each

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish snacks,selected varieties 6×28 g/180-227 g-2 for $5.00(.50 insert coupon)=$2.00 each

Hellmann’s mayonnaise,selected varieties, 750/890 mL-$3.99($1.00 tearpad)=$2.99

Resolve Spray ’n Wash laundry stain remover,trigger or refill, 650/946 mL-$1.99($2.00 inserts)=FREE

Vim cleaners,selected varieties 750 mL-1 L-$3.49($1.00)=$2.49

Campbell’s condensed soup, tomato, vegetable, chicken noodle or cream of mushroom,284 mL or Graves beans in sauce, 398 mL, selected varieties-5 for $4.00(1.00 coupon tearpad wub4)$3.00 for 4

Kraft Cracker Barrel natural cheese slices,selected varieties, 220/240 g-$4.99($1.00tearpad)=$3.99

Kraft Dinner cups,55-68 g selected varieties-$1.25(.30wub2tearpad)=.95

Yoplait Minigo,6×60 g or Tubes 8×60 g selected varieties-$2.49($1.00tearpad or booklet)=$1.49

Black Diamond cheese bars,selected varieties, 500 g-$4.99(.75 tearpad)$4.25

Kraft Miracle Whip,selected varieties 650/890 mL-$3.79(.50tearpad)=$3.29

Ziploc bags7,100’s or Palmolive dish detergent 1.1 L selected varieties-$2.99(wub2 save 1.00)$2.49 each Cheaper At Walmart.

Oasis juice,selected varieties, 8×200 mL-$2.50(.75 mailout)=$1.75

L’Oréal Hair Expertise hair care or styling,selected varieties and sizes-$4.49($2.00 tearpad)=$2.49

Colgate base toothpaste,100 mL or Extra Clean manual toothbrush-$1.00(1.00 mailout)=FREE

Five Alive® , Fruitopia® fruit beverage, Minute Maid® Lemonades and NESTEA® Iced Tea295mL-.99(tearpad 1.00 wub2).49 each

Minute Maid® Fruit Punch,295mL-.67(save 1.00 wub2).17 each

Smucker’s® Pure and Smucker’s Simple Blends® Fruit Spread,Assorted Varieties 310 mL – 500 mL-$3.49($1.00 booklet)=$2.49

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer,48 mL, selected varieties-$3.00(1.00 tearpad)=$2.00

Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Colour Power,Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gels-($2.99)various Coupons and Bogos

Irish spring body wash and Soap Bars-$2.99($2.00 inset coupon).99

Windex Original Trigger 765ml-$2.99(bogo)=$1.49

Degree men or women’s antiperspirant,excludes Adrenaline-$1.49(.50tearpad)=.99

Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Starter Kit-$5.49(various coupons)

Stayfree or Kotex pads,14-24’s, Lightdays liners 40-60’s or O.B. tampons 18’s selected varieties-$2.99(2.00printable)=.99

Rice krispies And Nutrigrain Bars-$1.88(.50 tearpads for both)=$1.38

Goldfish Crackers-$2.00(.50 insert)=$1.50

Cadbury Bar various kinds-$1.28(1.00 teapad wub2 cadbury)=.79 great Buy

Palmolive dish soap-$1.98($1.00insert)=.98

Ziploc baggies-$2.27(various 1.00 wub2)=$1.77

Windex-$2.93(bogo)=$1.45 each

Boost-$7.97(2.00 doctors office)=$5.97










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