Price Matching From Any Flyer Canada Wide At WALMART!!!

walmart price matchingHere`s is a post from another Facebook Couponing group called Savings Guru. i will post more info once it become available:

Walmart will from now on price match big competitors all across Canada.
Effective today.
I did see the full memo that went to all the store managers. Was not allowed to copy.

So Now its all about the waiting game as there will be some time needed for all stores to get into this NEW Policy.


I`m going to Print off my flyers all over Canada Or use my Phone. I think printed flyers will be welcome more then using your phone in smaller towns.

I also work with a Group of ladies that do Coupon Flyer Match-ups for each one on their Provinces, I will also share their weekly Coupon Match-ups to make it easier finding province to Province deals!!!!! STAY TUNED MORE TO COME.

3 thoughts on “Price Matching From Any Flyer Canada Wide At WALMART!!!

  1. Louise

    Did the memo the store managers receive indicate they will allow flyers to be printed (of course, they must clearly show the valid dates of the flyer, etc. And would have to be the complete flyer, I would think, and not just a portion of it – again, must be able to validate it being current) and not just able to show them on their phones/tablets?

    • tina Post author

      Every Province and Walmart is different. I asked my local walmart yesterday and they still know nothing about it. The walmart In Moncton which is 3 and half hours from me are right on board and setting up for it. I think it will take longer for smaller town such as my own. fell free to ask your own local walmart.

  2. Jessica

    I work at a Walmart, we do price match across Canada but it has to be an in-store flyer. We will not price match if it says “online only”. And it must be current, and have the full details. And keep in mind that we do reserve the right to refuse or limit price matching. Happy price matching!

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