SAVINGS TIPS When Buying THE Buy 20 Get 20 Promo!!!!!Jan.25-Jan.31

If your asking the Question of what the heck is Buy 20 Get 20 Promo

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Here are some Tips of what stores to shop at to score this deal the Cheapest as Possible this week. I will post this every week until this ends on Feb.18,2013. You can use coupons for this also and just circle your Price on the slip before Coupons used.

Giant Tiger this week has Ruffles Chips-$2.50(-$1.00 WUB2 Pepsi Booklet)=$2.00 each.

You can buy 10 bags for $20.00 and then use your tear Pad or booklet  Coupon for Buy 2 save $1.00. Total After savings is $15.00

Atlantic Super Store has Tostitos tortilla chips and Salsa-$2.50(-$1.00 WUB 2 Tear Pad)=$4.00 for 2. You get 10 bags for $15.00 After Coupon Savings.

Shoppers drug mart has Coke or Pepsi 6 packs-2 for $5.00. Get 8 6 packs for $20.00 before Deposit. Not sure what Coupons are out the tear pad I have and booklets are only for Super Stores Chains and Stores that take competitors coupons.




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