Super Walmart Is Coming To Fredericton NB

Ok a lot of you are going to ask what the heck is a Super Walmart? I was going to ask the same question to the ladies that were chatting about it in the Oromocto Coupon Group. Its a Walmart with a Grocery Store in it also. And it even bigger than Walmart`s we have right now.

images (75)The ladies were saying its either going to be on the North or South Side Of Fredericton and plans of it Opening are August.1

I hope to bring more good news on this soon.

One thought on “Super Walmart Is Coming To Fredericton NB

  1. Bettie

    I hope its a TRUE super walmart and not just expanded Grocery shelves. The one in Presque Isle Maine has a full grocery store including meat and deli counter, full dairy and frozen food, as well as canned and dried goods PLUS the regular Walmart sections of clothing, housewares, etc. I also wish the pricing would be better….but I won’t hold my breath on that one! We shall see when it gets here!

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