To Dumpster Dive Or Not To Dumpster Dive That Is The Question??


These Food items Were Found In a Giant Tiger Dumpster Bin In NB.


We are all Couponers and Love to save money but have you ever thought of Diving into a Dumpster? I know a lot of you coupon folks will go to such lengths to obtain coupons such as crawling into a Recycling bin with sissor`s and nap snack all ready to find the goods. But do you feel this is too extreme.

A Lady I know Who lives here in NB Does this now and again. I have posted a few pictures to show you all the benefits to doing this but also the downsides. Its a shame stores are throwing out food that is still good and could go to a local shelter or even homeless people on that street.

This is`nt  an Legal thing to do,if people get caught doing this there will be charges laid but I just had to make a Blog post on this and see what other Peoples reactions are to this. Would you do this??? I must say if I was a single person and lived in a huge town and didnt have much of an income I think I would.


This Shelf was found in a dumpster Behind Giant Tiger NB. Does`nt seem to be anything wrong with it either. I wonder why it was thrown out there in the first place?



These items were found In a Shoppers Drug Mart Dumpster In NB




Found Behind a Bakery Dumpster.




This T.V. was found from a Curb Dive, which is picking stuff Up off the side of the road that people have out out for the trash.

Updated Dumpster Finds 2014

















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40 thoughts on “To Dumpster Dive Or Not To Dumpster Dive That Is The Question??

  1. emma richards

    what a wasteful world,so many do without daily.more power to the dumpster diver who found this stuff.I go to HRM [HALIFAX] on their twice yearly CURBSIDE GIVEAWAY.,,,,It is well advertised on TV ,stuff is clearly marked as free at the roadside.I have FOUND some real treasures.fine blown glass ,books,dishes,lawnmower and tools.all marked free.

      • Lucien

        Nothing is wrong with the food but stores have very stict guidelines where they are not allowed to give away food that is on or near the due date or food that is past the shelf life. I know it’s heartbreaking to see all that food go to waste but the guidelines set forth by health Canada are quite strict on this.

  2. Teressa

    A friend of ours does this, they especially like GT as most of the time the stuff thrown out really does have nothing wrong with it. I was at their house one day when they showed me some of the things they got the night before. They found about 5 of those remote control toy helicopters that each had a tag saying “does’t work” I asked why they took them since the tag was clear. They flicked the little switch to “ON” & it worked! Same thing with solar lamps ect. They pulled a plastic tab where the batteries went & they lit up. All I can say is I am not sure if it is laziness on GT staff that marks stuff thats broken instead of putting it back on the shelf or if people really take stuff back because they didn’t read the instructions on how to use it.

    More power to the people that are able to do it…me, I would be too embarrassed.

  3. Megan

    In our town on the west side of Canada we have food trucks that go to the grocery stores and collect food that they would toss for people who don’t have a lot. the are called loaves and fishes i believe. There should be more of this thing going on in the country! The best part is they write on the truck the weight of food that they have saved to feed people in need… as for going into a dumpster and searching for food no thank you, BUT i would definitely grab something from the side of the road if it were left out to take unless of course it was something that couldn’t be cleaned we have an issue with bed bugs going around and that is the last thing i want :S

  4. Terri O

    It’s sad to see stores throw stuff out, but I know where I work, once a product is expired, we are no longer allowed to sell it. Food banks will also NOT accept expired products as part of Health & Safety regulations – they just put them in the trash :(

  5. kym morgan

    these items were likely close enough to expiry that the store had to throw them out, however more power to the dumpster divers…. i dont think i’d do it if there is a chance it had been sitting there for a while, but if i was parked in a vehicle behind the store and watched them just do their nightly garbage minutes before and that the food hadn’t been sitting there for gosh knows how long, of course i’d look to see if there was anything good in there, it would be alot better off in my freezer than their dumpster.

  6. pamela ferris

    It is amazing how much stuff gets wasted, why not donate the stuff to food banks or any of the “free” places, romero house, salvation army, hestia house, etc… so many places could use most or all of these items.

  7. Emily

    I wouldn’t dumpster dive for food or cosmetics – but I’ve been known to snag a desk from the curb. My local Home Depot has a dumpster – they allow you to take whatever wood scraps you’d like – I do that too!

  8. Erica

    Well this brings back some interesting memories. My ex husbands’s uncle used to bring us ice cream bars, chips, various other grocery items and snacks, etc. I had NO idea this all came from the dumpster until one day I noticed something was expired. Haha! My ex knew the whole time and spilled the beans. He actually still visits a popular chip company’s dumpster. I don’t think I could do it. Have you seen Extreme Cheapskates? The lady on one episode actually only eats from dumpster and one evening she invited a friend and his girlfriend over for dinner. And yes, served them dumpster food. When they found out they definitely left early!

  9. Liz Mays

    I couldn’t bring myself to do it from an actual dumpster, but I’d trash pick a piece of furniture or something if it was sitting out in plain sight. I’m pretty appalled by the fact all that good stuff was thrown out when it could have been used by a shelter or food pantry though!

  10. Amanda @ Erickson and Co.

    I watched a show on Netflix about people who dumpster dive and get most of their food for free. Although, I personally would never do this, I do think it is sad that we live in a country that is so wasteful. I asked our local grocery store (there is only one in our town) what they do with the food when it is expired – they told me they donate it to a local food bank instead of throw it away. I think that is a great idea since just because something is past the sell by date, doesn’t mean it has gone bad!

  11. Natasha Mairs

    Wow!! I can’t believe all the stuff you got!!!
    I have thought about doing this myself, but I’m too scared of getting arrested.

    But I think it’ disgusting how much people throw away. and what is wrong with someone taking what has been thrown away to end up in landfill?

  12. Lawna

    I honestly would never go dumpster diving for anything. This reminds me of an episode of Extreme Cheepskates that aired a while back. It’s such a shame that all of these items are being thrown away when their are people in this world that could really use them.

  13. veronica

    that’s quite a haul from the dumpster. I definitely could not bring myself to eating food from a dumpster, no matter how could it seems. But I could see donating it to a homeless shelter as long as they are edible and not gross

  14. Theresa

    I’ve peeked in a few dumpsters, but haven’t ever found anything other than cardboard boxes. I have been known to stop and pick up things off the side of the road on trash day though!

  15. Tiffany

    What should be illegal is companies throwing food away~ not people going back and getting it out. It’s disgusting and a waste of resources! As long as there are people dying on the street from hunger, no food should go in the dumpster.

  16. Nikki

    I don’t think I could eat food from a dumpster dive, unless maybe I was starving. Non-food items, though, I’d totally be on board with that. Although I’m not even sure if it’s legal here, and I’d be afraid of getting caught.

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