Top 5 Items I will Never Pay Full Price For Again, Thanks to Couponing.

images (68)I dread the thought of paying full price for anything these days now as I use Coupons for almost everything I buy. If there isnt a Coupon for it I try to find one by asking friends or emailing the Company.

Here are the Top 10 things I refuse and will never pay will price for Again thanks to my Coupons:

Laundry Soap- Thanks to P&G, Smart Source and Red Plum I will never pay full price again i wait for a sale is use all Coupons I have to get the best deal. I end up buying Laundry Soap every 3 months and Manage to always hit a great sale.

Self Care items- Self Care items such as Tampons,Pads,Razors,Shaving cream,Shampoo Body wash, tooth brushes,tooth paste, hair care products etc. I always find great Coupons for these Products and refuse to pay anyone more than $1.00 for any of these. Iv always loved my Brand names and before It broke me to buy the products I wanted now I save money by buying them.

Meds- Such as Advil,Zantac,Motrin,Tylenol,Children`s Meds, Bandaid`s etc. A lot of these I pay nothing for or no more than $1.00. I buy all of this when a sale hits and it lasts me for up to 6 months.

Cleaning Supplies- Thanks to Coupons I get all of my Cleaning supplies for next to nothing. My top brands are Scrubbing Bubbles and Mr.Clean and wont pay over $1.00 each for these

Pet Supplies- I love dog and Cat Coupons and these help me save a lot of money also. The most I`m willing to pay for these items are $4.00.

22 thoughts on “Top 5 Items I will Never Pay Full Price For Again, Thanks to Couponing.

  1. Jennifer Williams

    I just discovered that HP has a place where you can go print coupons, they have it so you can schedule them to print automatically. I am trying it out so we can start saving a little money. It has been a while but I am trying again, the sales in our new area are not nearly as good as where we used to live so we need the coupons now.

  2. Amber Edwards

    Dang! i need coupon lessons from you and stores that don’t ruffle at accepting coupons! My stores are such a headache, one day they will accept a coupon and the next they won’t. I never know from day to day. Blah.

  3. Lawna

    My cousin coupons and gets some great deals, sometimes she even gets money back! I wish I had time to coupon, but then again, I do good just using coupons for free items before they expire.

  4. Ashley Bunker

    I haven’t paid for toothpaste in almost 3 years, and I’ve only paid 99 cents for bottles of laundry detergent in the past 2 years. I’m an avid couponer and I don’t think I could ever shop without them!

  5. Amanda

    Great post! I will never pay for personal care products at full price … and we try not to eat out at full price either! Between so many restuarants doing free kids nights, coupons or Groupons there is almost no need!!

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