1)Coupons come in our local papers a few times each month,they are called incerts.

2)You can also find tearpads in your local stores but some places either dont have them or people take them before you have the chance to get some. I have good luck at shoppers drug mart,sobeys,superstore and pricechopper and sometimes local markets have coupons also.

3)You can also trade coupons with others and there are many groups on facebook that helps you do so. Many groups now have a good or bad traders list so it gives you a idea or how and how not to trade with for people that are new to trading.

4) There are also many companies that mail out coupons after you fill out a form but sometimes these are only availble for a limited time.

5)You can email companies and ask for coupons(state that you and your family love their products and you buy them on a regulas basis and you would be thrilled if they could send you a few coupons and or samples to your home.

6)These are the following places that send you coupons threw the mail


7)Some magazines also have coupons in them such as the all you need is cheese,whats cooking kraft mag

8) Some products have coupons on the box or package of their product(cereals,cheese,ziploc baggies,pop etc

9)Staff at local Stores such as sobeys and superstore for example sometimes have people giving out samples for you to try and most of the time they have coupons to give you also.

10)Resturant coupons sometimes come in the mail and there is also a coupon book you can buy for moncton and surrounding areas called johnnys coupon book.

11)If you have a Printer or Go to your local library you can print off all kinds of coupons from different sites but beware not all stores will accept them. So far Iv only been rejected from using them at Sobeys. here are some sites where you can print off coupons Enjoy xoxo


My other favourite sites I recommend for printable coupons include: