You Are A Coupon Addict When?/


                              Giggle of the Day

1)You go to Walmart 3 times on Thanksgiving Day to get more free razors, after dreaming about scenarios the night before.

2)You always find myself handing out coupons in the checkout lane.

3)You have more pictures of your  shopping trips than you have pictures of your kids!

4)You wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because had a nightmare that your didn’t give your cashier the correct coupons and u left paying way to MUCH money!

5)You haven’t quite got the texting craze down but you do know what RR, P&G, OOP, B1G1, OYNO and YMMV means!

6)You think 75 cents for toothpaste is expensive!

7)You feel the need to notify everyone who eats at your house exactly how little what they are eating cost you. While they are eating it!

8)Your eyes get wide if you see a new prescription transfer coupon has been released.

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