Zellers Christmas Deals In New Brunswick Dec.7-Dec.13

Friday and Saturday ONLY Sales

Save 40% on all barbie dolls and Accessories After Sunday-Thursday 30%

Save 60% All outdoor Christmas Lights and decor.


50% off on all Pillows Reg.%5.97-$69.99 Sale Prices $2.98-$34.99

20% off all Kinder Chocolates

30% off all Roxxs Collectables

40% off all Nerf Blasters and Accessories(Use $10.00 cereal coupon)

30% off all Fisher Price(preschool toys)(use websaver coupons)

30% off all Leap frog learning toys

30% off all V Tech learning toys

60% off all Christmas trees

50% off all Christmas trim

40% off all Christmas Tins and Giftware

50% off All Christmas Decor

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